Subtle Energy


Magnetism-The Manifest of Desire


The Human Instrument

The beautiful thing is that, out of all the people who notoriously set out on record in great lengths to manifest subtle energy, the one who gives the most simple and understandable introduction is Von Reichenbach. Simply for the fact that he used human beings instead of instruments invented by human beings. We’ll touch back on him after this short story, which I think is very important to connect all the dots.

I once was at a convention where a demonstration of wireless power was given using Tesla coils, by a general construction contractor who was inspired to build Tesla coils. After it was over, the MC said. ‘Remember, the human being supersedes all inventions and instruments as an instrument’ – or something on that exact tone.

My goal here is to exemplify how two completely different methods of sensing worked together to reach a common goal. Or full circle condensing repeatedly to the goal to be more articulate. One being – highly technical and potentially dangerous due to its density, and quality thereof, articulating its points very firmly, and that which is extremely vacuous or voluminous and also pretty safe and easy to play with, but a quality much harder to find due to its rarity.

Certainty and mystery and our desire for both. The practical and the creative. Working together around each to hold space, and therefore contribute to what comes out of this or goes into this. The Fractal grid or two-dimensional super imposition that is taught in all mystery schools throughout time. Cave humans could do it too because they were born with it. It is both foundation and resistance in the same. Without it, self-organization would not supersede self-disorganization, and no matter would exist. Its simple math, we all know this.

The MATRIX-Resisting Magnetism?

I have news for you, the matrix exists before good or bad. And it’s a natural one. Becoming articulate with understanding collective fundamental universal principals yield far better results than guessing at it or over spiritualizing it subjectively. It is each and own’s journey, but if there is not a firm piece of ground to walk on, whatever you desire, will only manifest in spirit, which I believe is a private place to relate with. To manifest it really requires action. Ease of action on becoming graceful, in order to achieve Grace. If we truly want to inflict supporting change for our Home, then we can no longer ignore the simple facts of the universe, nor how to implement its simple teachings. The Matrix is too – the medium.

For instance, there is an orientation of a magnet which supports magnetism and a portion which supports electricism, or moreover tension. It’s the never-ending principle of the breath of life itself. It ties to our every thought and every action, which is driven by sensing or feeling ourselves, in other words, emotion. Remember motion and manifest require imbalance. They also require stillness, equilibrium, or space. However, we must accept that what we consider as in motion is somewhat of an illusion, and that which is ‘beyond our perception’ always exists. There will always be something small and something bigger. These are only relative terms. The simple thing is that things are always changing, always in transition, and all breathes. Expands and contracts. Across a medium.

Tesla and Water-Precision and Articulation

Two really important factors lie here in principle. Desire and Common Sense. It is well summarized by the MC’s closing statement at the previously mentioned convention. The humble builder of the system which powered an electric hand saw 80 feet across the room wasn’t afraid nor was robbed of his common sense in the manifest of it all. It was very inspiring considering someone with no electrical back-round, other than home building electrical, had repeated experiments Tesla ran in the late 1800’s before he moved to Colorado in 1900. Interestingly enough, by Tesla’s own statements, one of the most difficult attributes in the scale of ‘The wireless transmission of power’ had to do with water, and in a very subtle sense. You can see shortly after that point, Tesla disappears from record, albeit a series registered Patents, many of which involving water devices, which in my opinion were analogs to principles which were implemented in his electrical systems. He sensed after a humbling, that water played a huge roll in the mediation of the Aether, or more over life force and how it manifests. It was one of many expressions where I had witnessed evidence of the Aether, or a source that is not measurable that becomes measurable in its accumulated action or influence. But it is sensing that leads to measurement later, which is nothing more than a different style of creative expression that is ‘of a desire’ which exists within and without all things. (a little Walter Russel in there) It also may be referred to as the ‘struggle within’, and it has its purpose. When in slight imbalance it supports growth, and regeneration, and reformation of a higher quality. When in balance does nothing, and when in major imbalance is destructive and quality waning. I believe we are in that portion of the grander cycle now, and recognize it, and are concerned of it. Rightfully so. Especially in today’s time, pretty much doing the opposite of what is massively marketed and sold as the truth, absolutely yields better results in the practice of the principles of life. And it was obvious the general contractor who took his precious evenings studying Tesla’s work, but more-over the fundamental study of fundamental forces which manifest from the source. He was rewarded with direct awe and discovery and sensed that magnifying transmitters are not properly run by massive outbursts of millions of volts. It is well known that the collapsing fields, or the vacuous principle of motion provide the basis for the unusual behavior (as compared to pressure-force mechanics).


We can first call a positive from Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. The vast majority of the rest of the Theory became confused. Even mathematically it has major faults. Everything after the title went off into unnecessary complication. It is not a theory then, that things can move from a peak of simple, towards increasing complexity. It has its purpose but tends towards stress. This is not the goal herein. Everything described depends on relationship. Therefore relativity is a reality and everything else is overcomplicating things.

MAGNETISM-Outward Pressure

Rather than discuss technical electrodynamics to the level of Steinmetz  or countless others correct in the interpretations of what magnetism is or is not, let us consider that magnetism (or outward pressure) is a universal principle amplified by the magnet. It also contains an electric inward pressure.

Let us also begin to further define subtle energies. A magnet cannot be immediately sensed except in extreme measures by a human being when considered conventionally. However, magnets can immediately induce effects and in fact are the porthole to power generation itself as we know it today. However subtle energies do not generally cause immediate measurable effects but are often better sensed by the human intuitive. Perhaps ‘spooky action at a distance’ applies. None the less magnets possess attributes of pressure and vacuum that interact immediately to cause measurable physical effects. This is well known. A magnet has little to do with magnetism or electricism different from anything else, other than it has an amplified resonance effect with other like structures, which typically only are obvious around the ferro-magnetic region of the elemental table. However, the entire atomic table is discretely defined by mass-inertia interaction with magnetic fields, and this is how ‘charges’ and di-poles are configured. Magnets therefore exist out of the same fundamental forces as everything else in the universe. There are subtle forms and boisterous forms depending on the circumstances.


So now comes the big switch. What if I told you there were other energies present in magnets and crystals that represent a true subtle energy, one layer deeper than the typical dielectric and magnetic forces which are well described by Steinmetz in full terms, with exception of imaginary numbers. Without getting overcomplicated, imaginary numbers represent different dimensions and ‘locked’ synchronization of dimensions. There is purpose in the Matrix. Tesla wasn’t afraid to cross these lines. Steinmetz defined them. Schauberger, only trained by observing nature and the truest scientist IMO of the bunch, also described the same thing. Along with many others. So what if I told you, by the time magnetism and electricism arrive in the usual way (by perturbations of a fluid) that they actually interfere with fundamental life-force fields. This is not a bad thing and can be useful if properly understood. In particular, it is the overuse of pressure or force which snuffs the normal cycle. So the funny thing is a crystal as we know it, is considered woo-woo, but a magnet because it generates measurable instant outside force, is considered scientific lol. However, computers show practically the value of that which is absorbed inwardly, and also can release outwardly when triggered to do so. So much for woo-woo. Practically, these forces can be especially used to steer existing excessive unbalanced forces into norm, at some point they may also oversteer into another type of imbalance. This is possibly the most difficult aspect of reality we experience. What was one ‘good or bad’ has now inverted itself within or relationship with life itself. Skipping the tumultuous sea of addressing these matters as fact, let us begin the overview of Von Reichenbach’s work to understand using magnets and crystals into practical and beneficial design.

Baron von Riechenbach and the Odic Forces

Reichenbach was one of the first scientists to investigate the subtle energies in an articulate manner. Of course he was not exploring any new pathways, but perhaps determined to prove the woo-woo or religious stereotypes were somewhat over-ridden. It has since been done many times over in so many cases showing our ignorance of our ignorance. Simply, there is always things beyond our perception. However the case, the intelligent method of using human beings to sense the imperceivable for practical use and development coincides with my own ideas of consciousness and its development amongst beings. First, let us give a little background. He was born in 1788 and was about 80 when he died. He was an excellent industrial chemist, accredited for inventing creosote and paraffin compounds. He was awarded Baron status he was obviously no rebel or quack. His recorded research is meticulous, as of many of his time. Good scientific work is not difficult to understand. So after the Baron retired, he took interest in subtle energies. By imploring double blinds and testing for human sensitivity, he found that most people after a short acclimation period could visibly see in complete darkness various colors and motion. From the north pole of a magnet emanated a blue ‘smoke like fluid’. From the south pole a red orange like continuous waft. In similarity, the same blue ‘smoke’ for the point of a crystal. Interestingly enough, the most accurate human beings referred to as sensitives, all had known chronic illnesses. (and there is an explanation for that relative to human states of spin, or torsion as Kozyrev describes) It is good to point out here, not direct evidence of the Aether, but of the ‘medium’ Tesla refers to, and the confusion between incompressible fluid theories (similar to liquid water). To simplify the story, the Baron went on to use the most advanced sensitives to document a wide variety of circumstances to better understand this ‘medium’. He made the following statements. I will list a few of them to keep basic. 1. Capable of exerting force on matter, but unmeasurable by any force meter 2. Present at the poles of the magnet and points of crystals 3. Present in the sun and moon light 4. Travels around any type of material 5. Has polarity, blue and red, travels at 1-2 meters/sec 6. Behaves like electrical charge, but is not electric or magnetic 7. Can be transferred into a glass of water 8. When like poles are brought together, they are additive, opposite cancels 9. Can be seen by humans, but not photographed normally The blue emission (North) tends to make water cool and refreshing, causes accelerated plant growth. In detail, the Baron was able to go as far as characterizing elementals with -Od (North and Blue) and +Od (South and red) and later mapped out a direct tie to chemical electro-negativity (the tendency for elements to congregate matter or repel matter when brought into proximity to one another). Back to Tesla, we now have a basic understanding of capacity and inductance due to types of matter, from a life-force interaction described as ‘the medium’.

Schauberger and Water

While wouldn’t you know it? Schauberger reported the same color polarity in polarized water experiments. He had many almost superstitious fear of red glowing water, similar to such ‘red glowing vacuum tubes’. I can understand it mildly due to the high favor of the blue light, which according to many different researchers is preferred, but the Red and the South energies have there place. Both are capable of being used and misused and in my experience and anything is susceptible to a universal trilogy summarized well by Paracelsus: The only difference between medicine and poison is the dose. I’m also to add an important factor. Timing. Not time but timing. At the end of all this we still have to contend with the simple equation and the mystery of its action. How much, what direction, and when? Good thing life is simple lol. I couldn’t give more credit to any of the researchers in history, whom I’ve studied, who used water to explain the basic principles of motion, if which are interrupted can cause a deterioration of quality, other than Schauberger. It’s not hard to see how Schauberger predicted our water situation, and moreover our planetary situation through it. Universal principles apply to everything, not just water. It’s hot at the equator because it is a cooling process. That’s the good news. Cold rises and heat falls in the end because the cooling process ends up cold and the heating process ends up warm. Only if you pay attention to ‘what is’ I suppose. At some point all this is going to cool down. Or is it cool up?

Sharing practical benefits

From the perspective of evolution and development, by now you may have insight to some of our new product design criteria. I have known for many years the irony behind the use of magnets and water. Until recent times, the totality of timing and the parts were not conducive to development in a quality way IMO. However, the casual observer may think or even criticize the use of magnets, due to the fact that they are fully aware of metals, insulators, and cancellation principles of interferometry. Or not. Or the work all around the globe for thousands of years that managed to survive print. But it exists with or without being chiseled. Principles are neither created nor destroyed. Energies are created and destroyed all the time. Quiet already I say.

At any rate in modern times, there’s seems to be great confusion in magnetic research, or maybe its intentional to keep researching and not produce anything, or maybe you put it in water, and it knows what to do with it.  

Who would have thought we would use magnets to get rid of the so called “magnetic-field” to better use them as a transmitter for something else? I’ll also mention both the South Pole and North Pole energies (not from the di-electric tension we refer to as a magnetic) but the slow wafting color energies (frequencies) which compound in likeness and have certain attributes observed by hundreds independent sources on record. Both are beneficial when used properly. I say you need brakes and an accelerator on a car. You need way better brakes and motor on a race car. There’s the application and release of each, and of course, someone has to steer it.

Here is a brief List of corroborative attributes

ATTRIBUTES OF THE BLUE MEDIUM (North Mag Pole; Positive electricity)

  • Accelerates micro-organism growth
  • Strengthens muscle
  • Acid Producing – Sweet
  • Eases Congestion
  • Assists in Digestion
  • Beneficial to plant Growth
  • Active mind, less calm
  • Reduces surface tension
  • cooling

ATTRIBUTES OF THE RED MEDIUM (South Mag Pole – Negative Electricity)

  • Slows microorganism growth
  • Firms Muscle
  • Alkaline producing – Bitter
  • Densifies Fluid
  • Reduction of pain and pressure
  • Enhances ESP
  • Increases surface tension
  • Heating
Subtle Energy-The Source of the Universe