Magnets Have an Effect on Water

By Jonathan Butts CEO Natural Action Technologies

Magnets indeed have an effect on the water, and commercial industry has used them for many years now with some success as a form of water treatment. It is also known that the north and south pole have different effects, so it takes a bit of knowledge here to what the condition is being treated, or that both poles be used in some form to not steer the water.

In addition, magnetic fields are not necessary to alter water and moreover by themselves could reduce water quality depending on what it was to begin with. It takes new methods and solid correlations with existing methods to really develop and know, when it comes to daily water use or treating a condition towards balance. Our companies view is to avoid them for daily drinking water because of subjective crystal imagery evidence. But none the less they have an effect due to di-electric field that exists in a magnet; (that is the inertia preserving effect)

This video demonstrates the motion preserving effect or the motion braking effect possessed by all magnets and verifies Charles Steinmetz’s knowing that magnetism is a pressure related function and di-electric forces are the (vacuum)integrating function. Therefore magnetism is radiation and di-electric force is gravity. Separating and integrating. This has nothing to do with a magnet, as the condition can be created without a magnet in an electrical circuit. Magnetism and Di-electric forces cannot be separated, they are a bubble out of the same Aether fluctuations. It technically sounds fancy, but a quick demonstration clears it up easily. Every electron, atom, compound and cell possess these properties to some degree. Wouldn’t this be good to know for everyone concerned with life process?

The point is: Everything in the universe contains these principles because this is the only tangible definition of Energy that fundamentally exists. So when people talk about energy and Revitalized Structured Water ……what they really mean is more usable energy, not more energy. For example, if we charge water with a south pole, we would hope you are treating a condition of high PH in the blood, and conversely flip the pole. Our company avoids magnets for this reason also. We already have all the forces we need with the water itself. Just like all iron can be magnetic, but first need aligned at the atomic level.

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