Viktor Schauberger – A Life of Learning from Nature

Viktor Schauberger

Viktor Schauberger – A Life of Learning from Nature

Blog by Kathlene Khoma

Throughout this insightful reading by Jane Cobbald she explores the life, knowledge, and wisdom of Viktor Schauberger. Viktor was an Austrian scientist and visionary who specialized in the flow of water and natural energies. Viktor’s inventions could be “The much-needed solutions to our energy, transport, and health issues.”

Schauberger’s striking realization of a river and how it flows brings us to the climax of one of his greatest insights which is, “…water is at its most healthy and potent when it is able to flow as it wants.” Water attempts to imitate the three types of motions of the planets.

First, is the cycloid motion which imitates the planets spinning on its axis that gives us day and night. Next, is the water spirals that imitate the Earth spiraling around the Sun. Lastly, the entire watercourse twists and turns in what is called a space-curve, similar to the entire solar system as it follows its path through the galaxy. These three motions are what Schauberger refers to as the cycloid-spiral-space curve motion.

As we continue to learn more about the cycloid-spiral-space curve motion it opens our eyes to the type of engineering done at Natural Action Technologies. Our devices are designed to emulate nature through motion and materials. Natural Action Technologies engineers their products on the basis of Schauberger’s idea of the motions of a river or stream flowing that energizes water.

“By including the basic principles which are contained in a natural mountain stream, we bring to you energetically and molecularly organized coherent water.”


“Technical motion repels and pushes. Original motion invites, attracts, and draws along.”

  • Schauberger

Schauberger believes that our industries are destroying healthy water by reversing the cycloid-spiral-space curve motion. The municipal water treatment plants for tap water are, in a sense, decomposing healthy water by using heat, noise, and pressure, which nature only uses in its decomposing process. If nature only uses those actions during decomposition, it makes sense that the water would be hurting us, right?

We should be concerned about this and really focus on what nature has to offer us and use its minerals to our benefit. The processes used in scientific and academic teachings are creating toxic water that, in time, decomposes the Earth and human beings.

Who has not felt refreshed after standing next to a free-flowing river watching the water make its way towards a body of water? This feeling is caused by the motion that is produced, causing a blue-green energy which diffuses outwards, enhancing surrounding land and life. Nature gives us energy naturally and Natural Action Technologies has a mission to open people’s minds to this new type of healing.

Viktor Schauberger made a chilling point when he explained the way dewdrops form. In short, before the sun rises there is a short moment where the air grows cold. In that time, an embryonic sac forms on the tip of a blade of grass and fills with water. If a person were to walk barefoot through dew-soaked grass, they would feel energized and invigorated. As the sun rises, the dew drop slips heavily into the ground bursting and allowing the water to transfer its goodness to the Earth.

Schauberger emphasized the importance of what he called “original motion” where oxygen is held in suspension by the water; in simpler words, it is the natural motion of water. Here at Natural Action Technologies, we focus on the motion of water that happens when liquid is poured through our units to create “living water.”

Technical motion is what municipal water treatment plants use that strip the oxygen out of the water. Then, the oxygen eats into whatever it encounters, leading us into the way water has the power to destroy human, plant, and animal health.

The vision of Schauberger is one to admire. Water is the center of health. What could be simpler? If we took the time to narrow in on what is really in our water and how it can help or hurt us, there could be significant improvements in the health of humanity.

If plants are not growing in the helthiest way possible, then health is declining all the way up the chain of life. This is a direct consequence of the human race’s reliance on destructive technologies. Schauberger believes Nature is our most powerful technology. Natural Action Technologies is trying to continue the vision of Schauberger and what we as a company can contribute to the health of people, the environment, and the planet.

As we continue this mission to healthy water Viktor Schauberger’s dream is slowly coming true. He has become well known for his intelligence and passion for nature’s power. We are humbled to continue the charge of realizing Schauberger’s dream.

“In the future Mother Nature will again be able to quietly build up her energizing substances in all peace, which today are so foolishly combusted.”


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