Performance Hydration

Developmental Team

“I knew from the first time I spoke with Kyle that our philosophies and experience with subtle energies were well aligned. No matter how much science we put into understanding subtle energies, the human being itself has turned out to be the superior instrument.”

“We are very grateful for Kyle’s continued leadership and developmental inputs from The NAT Performance Hydration Team. We continue to seek performance oriented people interested in genuine development of sustainable and generative technologies of the future.”

J.Butts – CEO Natural Action Tech.

Natural Action Performance Hydration
Kyle Dake - American professional wrestler
Kyle Dake

Kyle Dake - Team Lead Developer

  • 4x World Champion
  • Olympic Bronze Medalist
  • 4x NCAA Champion at Cornell University
  • Sports Illustrated Male Athlete of the Year 2013

“I started working with Natural Action Technologies because I wanted to figure out how I can gain any advantage that I can. I’ve had to learn the hard way how important hydration is and how important having quality water is for both competition and everyday life. In the sport of wrestling hydration is the foundation to optimizing performance.

Learning how water truly behaves in nature and realizing that NAT is developing the best system to mimic nature, it made sense for me to start helping with development. Wrestling is all about testing and tweaking different techniques and strategies. I’ve always been very sensitive to different inputs, and taking that sensitivity over to testing different formulas and iterations for NAT just makes sense, and has been really exciting. I’ve seen some incredible changes in myself, but also seen changes in my children and two Golden retrievers!”

David Taylor

  • Olympic Gold Medalist 2020
  • 3x World Champion
  • 2x NCAA Champion at Penn State University

“I started working with Jonathan and NAT because of my teammate Kyle Dake constantly talking about the importance of good water and the subtleties of water, and how it could impact my entire life. I now have a whole house unit and make sure that I fill up my gallon jug before leaving the house. I’ll drive out of the way to make sure I get water that has been treated with Natural Action technology, because my body can truly feel a difference.”

The Magic Man - David Taylor
David Taylor
Elizabeth Eddy professional soccer player
Elizabeth Eddy​

Elizabeth Eddy

  • USC Female Trojan of the Year 2014
  • United States U17 and U20 National Teams
  • Current – Angel City FC National Women’s Soccer League

“I tried it and it was two things that completely transformed my career and allowed me to play longer and just play at a higher level. The second thing I noticed is that the water tastes better to me. I don’t really know the science fully behind it, but I’m a big fan of quality and the details of things. The fact that the water is structured allows me to drink less water overall.”

Moe Lilje

  • Pro Driver: International Super Modified Association
  • 2021 Top 5 Championship Contender

Moe began his race career in Go-Karts at a very young age and has been piloting Super Modifieds for over 15 years. Moe currently drives the #32 Dan Soule Racing Super.
Maintaining focus is critical and can be life threatening in a Super Modified. Hydration plays a huge role in this factor.
The Super Modifieds are the fastest oval track cars in the world, often referred to as the “F1 of the Oval.” Drivers experience G-Forces at near fighter pilot levels, sustain speeds over 180mph, and lose 5-10lbs of water weight in an average race. The series is sequestered to short tracks only (3/4 mile or less, due to the lethal speeds reached on anything larger. Minimizing driver fatigue is key for many reasons.

Moe Lilje