Young Versus Middle Aged Versus Mature Water

Young Versus Middle Aged Versus Mature Water

Jonathan Butts, Natural Action’s CEO describing the difference between the “AGES” of water


Let’s start with the beginnings of the life cycle. It’s important to realize not to think of time, that time is an illusion that washes out principle which are timeless. Creation is a simple principle and that means something’s coming into perception. Some observer can see something that wasn’t there before. And we might start with the newborn process. I always like to make analogies with the human being, especially a mother, because I couldn’t have that experience being a male. But I can only imagine what it’s like, the physiological changes to carry something that’s a foot long and weighs 9lbs is profound when I try and imagine that happening to me. 


In the womb, it is incubating and it’s not entered the world yet as its dense form, hidden from the rest of the world and in the womb of the mother. And we might consider that like the evaporation process, like in the early period of pregnancy, this phase change from an egg to a being, which seems to take about nine weeks. But don’t think about time, it’s like leaping from a seed to a baby in this time. We might call the seed like water that’s evaporated and there’s all these little seeds like spores in the atmosphere and that’s very young and very kind of energetic and about to be born and ready to enter life. But it doesn’t really happen until it condenses again. 


So basically it’s purified, right? Let’s just say a soul comes into the baby. They say it’s nine weeks at which the cells I talked about this nine weeks, it’s more of a creature for nine weeks. Then all of a sudden at the nine week point, there’s all these studies that show that, hey, we even think the soul arrives right around here beyond the point of this topic. But okay, life is forming, but it hasn’t manifested yet. It manifests in the rain. And as it’s raining, it’s picking up characteristic or as the child development is occurring in the womb, it’s picking up emotions from the mother through the water. And the water is kind of the force field and shield. It’s a very physical shield. 


I did nuclear power and the best radiation blocker for all types of radiation overall is water. When you want a shield against radiation, you use water. 


We see this life forming is forming of water, a very high percentage of water, different from the water that surrounds it in the womb. It’s all shielded and protected and getting information that’s not good or bad. That’s why a baby and a generation are born parallel to the water droplets falling from the sky, reading all that information to the environment and changing how it’s forming itself. And it’s very determined to do that, let’s say. And now the water droplet lands in the soil and it’s born. 


This very youthful and observant water has some incubation in the soil, a huge relationship with carbon, and now becomes available to the plant as it soaks up everything it can get.  Learning out of the soil and taking that to the plant as it controls that electrical vibratory environment. They’re, just like a child born, may control the behavior of the parents. 


Parents being more mature water, how does this water mature in its full life cycle in nature? Is it the water that’s unused by the soil? The excess goes way down deep in the earth and that’s where it’s really growing up and maturing, as it journeys down. 


Ideally, if we could say let’s raise as parents, we would all want to raise the best child we can and give them the best tools possible and the best experience possible. And in the way of water, it’s going deep into. 


The Earth and then rising up. 


And here’s an anomaly of water. Water has the most anomalies out of any element on Earth rising up as a cold at 39 degrees Fahrenheit, usually in the mountains and then riding down the mountain stream and reading all the life that is formed in this clean, crystal-clear stream. How does it stay clean?  Questions are popping up now. How does it rise at 39 degrees Fahrenheit? Why is it at 39 degrees Fahrenheit? Well, it’s its densest point. That’s its mature point where the water is most mature. And then it reads the environment as it rolls over all the minerals. Like every atom on the planet, the water will flow over and read in the rocks and in the surface of its air interface and in the banks that it flows through. The whole time it is rolling to the left and rolling to the right and tumbling about itself. 


Without that process, the communication hole between it and the environment is turned down, almost like somebody turned the channel off, turned the volume off.  This is how we learn as scientists, developers and engineers, that what is going on with the water in a river is what matures it. That doesn’t happen in pipes. And it’s really obvious. Pipes flow in a straight line. If you look at the flow in a straight pipe, it looks like it’s dead still. There’s no bubbling action, there’s no rotation anywhere. 

And so that brings us to the first step in revitalizing water, copying nature maturing water in a biomechanical or biotechnical sense, meaning we’re engineering things to mimic nature, not engineering things according to equations that tell us that this is the best way to do things. So that brings us full circle to mature water. 


At that densest point, water has the most capability to pick up and hold what we would call toxins. But I tell people toxins is amount, not a thing, because every element that we’ve ever discovered is in the body, including uranium, and is used by the body with a purpose. 


At that densest point, water has the most capability to pick up and hold what we would call toxins. But I tell people toxins is amount, not a thing, because every element that we’ve ever discovered is in the body, including uranium, and is used by the body with a purpose. 


The water, now mature, is able to read all this stuff. This also makes a correlation with filtration. If we’re concentrating toxins, which what nature does, is deconcentrate toxins. In this whole process, water is always moving things, spreading it out. And what’s toxic for us is food for another thing. Water is somehow able to discern that fact when it’s alive or mature. This state that we call structured water, coherent water, revitalized water, whatever this whole water body term is, where this stuff’s making decisions based on some kind of programming we don’t know or algorithm. There is an algorithm in water. I personally discovered a repeatable, very simple one, how the universe grows was in the electrical curves. Tying all these complex pieces together, we see that the mature water reads the environment, it flows over and sometimes in filtration, like low quality filters, we mature the water. 


Then if it goes back through a low-quality filter and I will make that dissertation of low-quality filter because the way the toxins are stored, the water is flowing back over those toxins again. So you’re like maturing the water and then exposing it to things that really aren’t of use to the human body. You got a bunch of signals in the water that aren’t harmful, in my opinion, but they’re just noise that’s not needed. This is the design basis for what mature water is in nature, scientifically. And this shows up under the microscope as a pattern. And this pattern is non right angle, kind of simulates what trees and plants and crystals look like in the pattern, different from a right angle, like a fence or a grid pattern on a notepad or that’s what it looks like when the water is tired and stressed out. 


This life cycle could be milliseconds, nanoseconds or thousands or millions of years based on where the water is you’re looking at and where it is in the life cycle. The reason for the need for the technology is the straight pipes, the pumps, the machinery, the metal, the overgrounding. And metal, the over shorting the metals, which if you look at it in nature, like copper and gold and silver and iron and all the other metals are speckled throughout rocks, in silicon, primarily in calcium. So now we have the definition for a crystal or a dielectric in electrical engineering. And then we have an idea how we might simulate the river and intensify it so it happens quicker. 


And indeed, that’s where we’re at as developers, scientists, engineers, we have some level of basic tooling, basic maturity to begin to do that. And practically, here’s what I would say, the older water, or let’s just say stress tired, which older implies time. Let’s throw that out the window. Let’s move it to stressed-out, worn-out water that needs to go to the spa and have a spa day, get a massage, rest, go walk and forget about all these stressors of life. Human analogy, same thing for water. 


If you’re putting this stressed-out water in your body and you have this stressed-out pattern, the two synergize, they accept each other because they’re like and you get used to that. To make this change is not easy because it comes with a deeper understanding. It comes with the realization that you do have domain and responsibility over your own health. And this must be the foundation of health. If we really look at the correlation of water on this planet, what we are now pacified, juvenile water. 

Let’s just start with distilled water. It’s kind of like nature, except now we bought it, it’s moved around in a plastic container and maybe it was born and condensed 90 days ago, six months ago, it’s been on a freighter coming across the world. We don’t know. It’s just been through a lot already as a youth and we didn’t give birth to it and we didn’t have control over what it’s been exposed to. And it’s pretty aggressive. It wants to learn something useful, it wants to interact with life. We revitalize it with the technology and that pacifies it to a degree, matures it. Speeds up time in its normal life cycle, which was actually slowed down from what it would have been in nature. 


And all our things that we do simulate, like soil, like carbon and silicon and calcium, are the major elements we use. And we use what you call high form. In other words, allotropes, which means like a diamond and coal, water can be like that. 


The old tired water would be like coal and the mature water would be like a diamond. The maturing of water would be like graphite, which is somewhere in the middle of coal, graphite, diamond as far as quality. And the upper end of graphite would be bucky balls. We use shungite flow forms which have a bucky ball quality to them and all the trace minerals from the north pole of the earth. There’s a design criteria. 


The practical use is the pacified young water. Distilled water can be used in water protocols on a regular basis to flush the body during detoxes much more effectively than if we used a mature water with a reasonable amount of mineral in it, which is another qualification for mature water. And tap water is probably at the lower end of that. It has a reasonable amount of mineral that once the water is transformed, the calcium, magnesium, and potassium that are in the water, iron up to the heavier metals, get in a form that the body recognizes and can use because they’re put there by the mold of the water. 


Perhaps the most significant thing that what toxicity may be is the incorrect shape of something and everything is transformable into a useful form. That’s what nature does. When it takes something that is toxic for us and delivers it to a plant and it’s food for the plant, it probably changes the form of that element. And water plays a big role in that.  You can alternately use young distilled water, empty of mineral, empty of experience, mature it, to help clean out the body better, and you develop your own relationship and protocols based on how you feel and your intuition to do that. 


There are like health regimen protocols where every half hour you drink 4oz of distilled water, then you drink mineralized water, and the other half hour you do that for 8 hours a day and you drink 32oz a day. You light, exercise, walk, and that seems to be the number one way to heal, a foundational piece of healing. Then comes your diet. People actually heal better when they fast, walk, mineralize. Some people use a little honey for a little calorie or a little cayenne pepper, whatever. All these different methods of water fasting with light exercise that people rave about is the only way that really got their body healthy. And then the mineral water being the mature, which is your daily drinking water. You can adjust the mineral strength and there’s no way to calculate. 


People always ask me how much mineral do I put in it? I say start here, but sometimes you’ll need less, sometimes you’ll need more. You will be able to talk to your body in ways you’ve never been able to once you start to work with water and use the mature form that can communicate, whereas the young form doesn’t want to communicate that much. It just wants to be like a child playing. It becomes more articulate and communicates better with age, as it matures. We are using the technologies in the home to simulate what nature does to get these waters. 


The number one thing, in my opinion, if I had to sum it up, is the increased consciousness that comes from the water is what really starts to propel you for a deeper journey in your own soul evolution, and that you feed that off to other people like you’re radiating that right. Sudden changes are difficult. You should work with it gradual and use your intuition and experience, this is when I feel better. But those two tools are definitely effective. Young water that’s been matured, which will not be as mature as the mineral water, say, that comes from the tap or it comes from some other mineral water source. 


Foundational tool for all health, alternate between young water and older water that’s been revitalized, that’s mature, and try and do whatever you can. And there’s a million ways to do it. I don’t just talk about our technology and how we do it. There’s a lot of ways to do it, so I’ll stop there.