By Suzanne Forcese

A pristine stream flows down a mountain side. The water twists and turns, moves around rocks and the river banks, constantly swirling in a vortex and in contact with the magnetism of earth. The vortex action of the flowing water, along with the Earth’s magnetism, shapes the water crystals into six-sided hexagonal crystal structures. These six-sided water crystals bond to each other, fitting together perfectly, like a beehive. This tight packing order can exclude any foreign toxin. The science is new. The water’s structure is as original as the Earth.

WaterToday had the pleasure of speaking with water researcher Robert C. Gourlay from his home in the Mongarlowe Region of NSW, Australia. Gourlay speaks about the structure and de-structure of water. More importantly he emphasizes the need to re-structure water back to its original life-supporting intent.

“Water is the most important nutrient for life. In its natural flowing or vortexing state it is structured, energized, and negatively charged. However, most people on Earth are not using water directly from naturally flowing springs. This water is de-structured, positively charged and not life-enhancing.”

When water is stored or passes through pipes at right angles the negative life- giving charge is lost. Pristine flowing water will be in a six-sided (hexagonal) crystalline structure while water that has lost its negative charge will be in a five-sided (pentagonal) form.

“Consequently, this pentagonal structure of urban water that most humans drink is dead. The implication of using dead water in agriculture results in the production of nutrient-deficient food.” Entropy defines something that left on its own over time will gradually decline into disorder. This is the case when structured water is taken from a pristine flowing stream and stored in a container or travels through pipes. It converts from six-sided to five-sided, becoming unstructured.

“Globally, there are only a few of us who have stepped out of conventional science to understand structured water.”

Gourlay, principal environmental scientist of Resonate Research Pty. Ltd., specializes in biological research, water structure science, resource assessment and technology innovation in relation to biological farming.

Following a 26 year career as a research scientist in the Australian Army Reserves, satellite mapping for water sourcing and soil salinity, Gourlay continued an in- depth study focusing on soil biology and water. “I discovered that a lack of soil microbiome, a lack of carbon in the soil, and lack of soil structure was due to chemical farming and traditional maintenance using tillage.”

Gourlay’s unconventional approach to the study of soil biology and water led to his ‘Aha! Moment’. The microbiome in the soil and water work in synergy.

“I began to look at how we restore soil biology with structured water.”

Life on Earth depends on the structure and anomalous nature of liquid water, often called liquid crystal. Organisms consist mostly of liquid water. For example, 99% of molecules in the human body are water molecules. This water performs many functions – it transports, lubricates, reacts, stabilizes, signals, structures and partitions into a cellular process of regulation and healing.

“It is no different for plants. The living world is an equal partnership between the biological molecules and water.”

Gourlay also discovered that to mimic structured water as it occurs in Nature certain specifics are required: a vortexing motion, sacred geometry, selective minerals and a negative charge.

We found a farm in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona where Tim and Victoria White have been growing a wide range of non-native fruits and vegetables using structured water for the past 12 years.

“When we first purchased the land in 2008,” Victoria White told WT in a telephone conversation, “there was nothing but sand and a few mesquite.”

“We got together with our neighbors and purchased fruit trees from a nursery in California,” White continues, “We surrounded our land with an irrigation system using structured water. The neighbors did not. We were all using the same water from the community well. The only difference was we structured ours.”

“Our trees took off with an abundance of fruit and theirs were dead within a year. All conditions were the same except for the structured water.”

Twelve years later, White told WT that all the original fruit trees are flourishing, producing an abundance of fruit and volunteering. The farm has expanded to include vegetables and tropical plants such as Moringa trees – all non-native to Arizona.

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