Water Today and Natural Action Partnership

Water Today and Natural Action Partnership
Click to view the interview with Suzanne

Click to view the interview with Suzanne a journalist for Water Today Canada

Suzanne Forcese discusses the problems within our global water systems and how Water Today is helping people be aware of these problems.


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About Water Today –

WaterToday is an independent ad-based media about water in Canada. We are not a government agency, or an NGO, our revenue is generated through advertising and research. Please click on our ads to show your support for a great team of advertisers dedicated to sustainable renewable solutions.

Our main focus is on drinking water across Canada and the boil water advisories that are issued by health units and municipalities, when the water quality is judged to be tainted by either microbiological, structural or chemical contamination.

Our national and provincial water advisory maps are the backbone of our coverage. They are updated daily, throughout the day as advisories are reported.

Suzanne Forcese’s blog


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