Water Class 101 Introduction

Hi and welcome to the Water Class 101 course. I’m Jen Isabel Friend and I am thrilled to dive into hydration with you.

Let’s begin by considering why any of this even matters. Why should we pay attention to our drinking water?

Well, for one thing, water provides most of the energy that your body needs. You don’t just function on calories alone. The flow of water through cell membranes generates hydroelectric energy or voltage that’s converted and stored in the mitochondria, ATP and GTP, basically the cell’s batteries. In fact, the energy generated by the osmotic flow of water in one single epithelial cell is over 10,000 volts. That’s the amount of energy in a lightning bolt. It comes down to the quantum level. If you want to have a high vibration, you’ve got to improve your hydration.

Now, you’re about 70% water by volume, and by molecular count, you’re 99.92% water molecules. And yet the vast majority of us are chronically dehydrated. We need way more moisture in our bodies than we’re getting. But it’s really not just a matter of drinking more water because you’re likely to just pee the extra water out unless one, it’s high quality water or two, your body is primed to absorb it. So first we’re going to cover each of the most common types of water that you might typically drink because not all water is created equal. Bottled water, tap water, reverse osmosis, distilled water, spring water, well water, they’re all chemically and structurally diverse. Just because it’s clear liquid doesn’t mean it’s all the same. The chemical compounds, the vibrational frequencies, the molecular structures of these different kinds of water, they all vary greatly, and they have really different effects on our biology and our psychology.

In fact, just recently, a fourth phase of water was discovered. Beyond solid, liquid, and gas, this fourth phase, which is technically an allotrope of water, behaves as a gel-like crystal, and it has a structured molecular pattern that can store and transmit information like a computer. And guess what? It’s found all over nature and even within your own body. Drinking this kind of water not only hydrates you better, but it promotes beauty, intelligence, and longevity by strengthening your collagen, nourishing your cerebral spinal fluid and lengthening the lifespan of all of your cells by supporting the cell membrane’s ability to absorb hydration and nutrients from the environment. We’ll cover where to find and how to make that kind of water in the last sections of the course.

Before we get started, a quick disclaimer. I’m not a doctor, though all of this information does come directly from doctors, scientists, and researchers. Nothing in the course is medical advice, and you should always talk to your healthcare provider about any health concerns that you might have.

Without further ado, let’s dive in. I’m thrilled to welcome you into this experience, and I can’t wait to hear how deeper hydration improves your life, as it has for so many that I’ve worked with.