The Wellness Parenting Revolution

Natural Action's Joseph Borowy Speaks at The Wellness Parenting Revolution

Understanding the difference between pure water and living, structured water

Our own Joe Borowy spoke at in Nashville at The Wellness Parenting Revolution in March of 2022. We’re lucky to have a great recording of that talk to share with everyone.

In this video, Joe shares his story about his experience in finding the Natural Action Technologies Portable Unit while he was on dialysis and how it benefited him during that challenging time.

Joe’s background was in water filtration, and he even did a webinar for Natural Action on filtration in 2019. That webinar is available in our Water Vault.

He talks about his experience in filtration and how there was always an intangible quality gap between the purest filtered or distilled waters and the best spring waters. Joe’s journey to find the bridge of that gap ultimately led him to discovering Natural Action Revitalizer Units.

Also discussed is Andreas Schulz’s Crystal Microscopy as a tool for visually understanding the energetics of water. As many of you have seen in our Member Section, Andreas Schulz tested our Portable Device. In his report he shows images that show the transformation from dead, right-angled tap water to complex geometrical, living spring-like water from just one pass through our Portable Unit. Joe goes over this in his presentation.