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Chris Singleton former Pro baseball player and ESPN announcer shares his experience with Natural Action Technologies rejuvenated structured water.

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We all know what water is, but what do we really know about water?

New research shows that water has different states which can have large implications on ITS performance and on YOUR performance. Since 2010, Natural Action Technologies has been at the forefront of discovery in modifying water in unique ways that have great benefits for your health and hydration. Learn more at

Enhanced nutrient absorption

Better hydration

More resilient immune system

Improve Athletic Training

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I’ve been using my portable unit for 7 years, since 2012. I feel way more coherence and aliveness in the water when I use it. The unit is simple, sturdy and effective. I take it with me when I travel. Guests always comment on how showering is so pleasurable and enlivening – I have a whole house unit and a compact unit at the shower head. I want more people to learn about and benefit from this technology.
I have used our structuring portable unit everyday at work for 2 years now and have drastically noticed a difference in my skin, hair, and how thirsty I am at the end of the day (which is not thirsty at all)! I also bring home some for my cat sometimes and she seeks out the bowl with the structured water! Love it!


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