What is Natural Action Magnaray Technology?


The story of how we developed a breakthrough magnetic structured water technology

What is Natural Action MagnaRay Technology? At Natural Action, we’re passionate about continuing to push the boundaries of water revitalization technology.
Our proprietary, time-tested Double Vortex FlowForm Technology has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.
But we’re always looking for ways to take structured water to the next level.
That drive led us to a desire to understand the dynamics of magnetics and their interactions with water.

Magnetics and Structured Water

Magnetics have always shown potential for enhancing the quality of structured water. There’s been studies on the benefits of Magnetized Water. Here are a few:

Biological Effects of Magnetic Water on Human and Animals

Effects of treated water with neodymium magnets (NdFeB) on growth characteristics of pepper (Capsicum annuum)

Designing a magnetic-based structured water device is a challenging feat because our internal research had always shown mixed results with magnets. Some magnets had a tremendous beneficial effect on water, and other magnets produced a detrimental effect.
Complicating matters further, we observed the same magnets in just slightly different positions switching from a positive, life-giving effect on the water, to a negative one. It was difficult to determine why this was the case.

Here’s one study of magnets’ effects on hard water…one magnetic device reduced scale vs the control while another actually increased it! https://www.wqa.org/Portals/0/Technical/Technical%20Fact%20Sheets/MagneticsTF_Rpt.pdf

Nevertheless, it became obvious that magnets, when properly applied to water in a correct and stable way, would have positive benefits for living organisms.

Development Criteria for Magnetic Living Water Technology

Our goal was to discover a way to apply magnetics to water in a way that had all the positive, life-promoting effects, and none of the potentially dangerous effects that we observed in our research. And, it had to be done in a way that was stable (not subject to change over time) and reproducible (so we could have a reliable way to build them). Most importantly, any magnetic treatment we developed needed to work in synergy with our signature Double Vortex FlowForm Technology. We believe in working from the known to the unknown, so it needed to be a device that worked with and added to the quality of our existing technology.

The Results of Our Research and Development: The MagnaRay

The technology that resulted from our development meets all the criteria we had set as requirements.
Our MagnaRay design and the effect it has on water are unlike any other magnetic water treatment we’ve seen.
• It is not simply two magnets that bolt onto a pipe.

• It’s not a homemade, DIY-style attempt at placing magnets on a water line.

• This is not a technology that will ever wear out, lose potency or need replacement.

The MagnaRay is a true breakthrough in water revitalization technology.

In our next blog, you will read about how the MagnaRay came to be!