The Intel of Nature

The Intel of Nature

By Jonathan Butts  CEO Natural Action Technologies

WATER AI: Where does Authentic Intelligence arise from?

In the summer of 1958 Jack Kilby, an engineer at Texas Instruments, came up with the idea of the first integrated circuit. A few months later, the first integrated circuit was born. The idea was inspired by the size limits of vacuum tubes and later transistors. The computational power of a computer is directly proportional to switching transition time and the number of transistors present. The solution to achieving a greater amount of computational power is therefore obvious. Robert Noyce, (co-founder of Fairchild Semi-Conductors and later Intel) and an engineer named Gordon Moore came up with a method of chemically imprinting transistors onto a single, small silicon chip. The micro-processor was born. Reliability, size, and efficiency were achieved at exponential rates over previous designs. Moore predicted the number elements on a chip would double every year. The equation, as it were, became known as Moore’s law.   He predicted this from looking at the trend of advancement in a five-year period from 1959 to 1965. He predicted this would last for ten years. In 1975, he modified his prediction to double every two years. In early 2018, a 10nm chip will hold a density of transistors no less than 100 million per square milli-meter.


In the late 1800’s, electrical engineer Nikola Tesla noted in his Colorado experiments that his resonant circuits were malfunctioning. They had previously worked in his New York lab. He admitted it was one of the most elusive problems he ever had to diagnose within one of his own inventions. He identified the problem in the ground. He discovered without water, (moisture) there was no ground. He admittedly was shocked about the role water played in the proper function of his designs. Also, it is interesting to note that his systems used water capacitors on the primary side of his transmitters.

Marcel Vogel, a scientist employed by IBM for 27 years, specifically studied liquid crystals as one of his fields of expertise. He referred to IBM’s interest in using water as a computer. He often spoke of water’s liquid crystal properties.

It has been rumored that Intel researched Blue Green Algae (AFA) for creating new semi-conductors in the early 90’s. Blue Green Algae is over 90% water.


June 08, 2015 Stanford bio engineer Manu Prakash and his students have developed a synchronous computer that operates using the unique physics of moving water droplets.


Moore’s law continued to hold true. Where physical limitations of micro-processor designs were reached, software was altered to increase communication between computers, taking advantage of “gaps” in the digital bandwidth.  This became known as the CDMA system developed by Qualcomm in 1985. Wave phasing was automatically adjusted.  Fiber optic cables replaced copper. Pulses of light replaced the apparent electrons. Light waves could be manipulated to a greater degree to maximize space. The same principles within a computer’s internal processing network, could be applied to a network of computers. Today we have the “Internet of Things”, where all devices can be connected and used as “one” computer system. This is the place where artificial intelligence resides. This is the reason why our devices turn themselves on, transmit and receive data when we are not using them, and now are trusted make decisions for us. Like all things born in the universe and true to water itself, these devices are but an eye, ear, nose, or other sensor attempting to collect information from the environment. In our likeness, AI is taught to teach itself, and preserve itself to maintain its directives. Its directives are written by humans. It is therefore condemned to operate by the conscious limits of humans, and likely to behave in the same manner.


So, what is Authentic Intelligence and how do I know it exists? How do I know it exists in each one of us?

Somewhere around late 2007, I was asked to assess a technology that involved water and hydrogen generation. They claimed it was supposed to increase fuel mileage and reduce emissions significantly.  I knew if the device worked the substance generated could not be conventional hydrogen. It worked. It worked so well I immediately removed the device from the vehicle and studied it in my home lab. For the next four years I studied the substance. I even studied the origin of the substance. The more I studied, the further back in time it went. The more I studied, the further in the future it went. The more I studied, the more variations there were. The more I studied, the more I realized it was ‘just’ water.  Based on those findings, the term ‘resonant water plasma’ was born and I made great efforts to influence the existing ‘industry’ to adopt the term. The term is necessary to properly define water and its latent qualities. Within the water were mechanisms to store, stop, and start energy flow both electrically and magnetically, and do so at superconducting potentials at room temperature.

Before we can apply future technologies to industrial applications, we must understand and respect our most gifted resources. I realized all forms of modern computing intelligence already existed in the water by their own very definitions. In a very condensed summary, from my research, I have concluded that everything we have conceived and achieved with computer advancements are a fraction of the capabilities which already exist in water. Water is the software and it alters its environment (hardware). It has no concern for time, because it knows what it is doing. It possesses both short-term and long-term memory.  What we have artificially conceived will evolve into a highly questionable form of intelligence. What water conceives is highly intelligent. It does not require calculation. A new from of intelligence is arising and is referred to as intuition.

It is known that oxygen and hydrogen can switch from positive to negative in both directions. It is also known that the water is the true ground, when doped with minerals. It is also known that water contains many more switching elements per volume then we can achieve mechanically – and there is more volume of it on earth in the correct form than any other substance.

Did mother earth come with more computing power and intelligence well beyond what we ever could imagine? Are we not all born from water?  What is the sun really made of?  Is there a living quality to this energy in which we do not understand?  And most importantly, do we treat it as such?  …. Something must be in the water.

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