The First MagnaRay Device

The First MagnaRay Device

The first MagnaRay device is the CarbonGene Z . Continuing to build on that “Portable Unit with a MagnaRay” concept eventually led to our CarbonGene Z device, which is the most powerful handheld device we make.
Our CarbonGene Z model has been a working prototype that’s been available in a build-to-order format for over a year now.
The owners of these devices are overwhelmingly happy with them. Most of the owners were long-time users of our FlowForm technology and the improvement with the CarbonGene Z was immediately noticeable.

Remember how I said we observed placing a MagnaRay near a container of water created a continuous increase in the energy of the water? We engineered the CarbonGene Z so that anyone can replicate this by filling up the device, closing both ends (cap and cork are included when you buy one) and simply leaving the device out or in the refrigerator for as little as 15 minutes or as much as 24 hours before emptying into a glass and drinking. The charged water has a sweet, silky, ethereal quality to it. It feels like it sort of melts into your mouth.

Joe Borowy's First Experience with Charged Water

I remember the first time I tried the charged water. We were working a booth at Dave Asprey’s Biohacking Conference in 2021. We sold a few of the first CarbonGene Z prototypes there and I was given one to try.
That night, I filled up the CarbonGene Z with water (it holds about 3.5 oz.) and put it in my hotel room minifridge while I slept.

When I woke up, I drank that charged water, and I couldn’t believe what happened.
Within seconds, I felt 100% awake and alert, as if I had already eaten and had coffee, but without any of the jittery, stimulatory sensations from coffee.
It spooked me a little…I was expecting the charged water to be strong, but not so obviously noticeable and immediately powerful.
This is when I realized we were onto something revolutionary on the frontiers of water research.

Click here to see a great video with Joe that you will enjoy watching!

Stay tuned for how Natural Action integrated the MagnaRay Technology into a Whole House Unit: The MR-24