Four Hydration Facts

4 Surprising Hydration Facts You May Not Know

Hydration doesn’t just keep you moist, it works from the inside out to overcome fatigue and lack of focus, gives you easy fluid movement, helps digest your food, and washes away waste and contaminants in your system. Hydration actually gives you energy you need for thinking, feeling and healing. Water is really your fuel and being hydrated is preventative care.

  1. 80% of Our Blood Is Water When We Are Adequately Hydrated
    When the water level in our blood falls, it is the concentration of other particles that trigger our sensation of thirst. Here are some other figures from the Journal of Biological Chemistry: 60% of a man’s body weight is water, for women, it is 50%. Muscle is 73% water, but body fat is only 10%. Our brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and our lungs are about 83% water. Skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even bones are watery: 31%. Water is constantly moving through our cells. Approximately 4-10% of our body water is replaced daily with “fresh” water.
  2. Your Body Can Produce 8-16 Ounces of Water Per Day
    This occurs during normal metabolic processes. A runner can produce this much water in as little as 2 hours. When muscles burn glycogen, they simultaneously produce metabolic water. This helps protect against dehydration, but it is no substitute for replenishing all the water you lose when sweating.
  3. Two Pound Weight Loss from Sweating Equals 32 Ounces of Water
    Being hydrated when exercising and in hot environments enables you to sweat to keep you from overheating. Here is a simple equation: losing 2 pounds of weight through sweat equals 32 ounces of water. Drink accordingly to offset this loss.
  4. Nearly 50% of Bottled Water is Actually Tap Water
    According to Center for Science for Public Interest, it may surprise you to learn that nearly half of bottled water is not from the beautiful, pristine mountain streams or natural springs found on the label, but rather from municipal water. If you just turned on your tap you will not only save money, you will also help stem the flood of plastic bottles ending up in our landfills, to the tune of approximately 100 million per day, of which less than 20% is recycled. Make structured water from your tap AND be green!

Here is an interesting article from 1953 that talks about The Calculation of Metabolic Water

Proper Hydration is Key. Better Water. Better Life.

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