Better Beer with Quantum Physics?

It may sound ridiculous but research by Russian and Italian molecular biologists show that structured water is a reductant and not an oxidant³, and oxidation is part of the cause that beer will eventually go ‘off’ in a keg or barrel. Torsion Field Structured beer should have a longer keg or barrel life, without any change in taste.
We at Torsion Field have the ability to structure liquids, including beer, using spin field effect energy from the torsion field.
The taste of the structured beer is not altered although some say the beer has an improved mouth ‘feel’. An opened structured beer, left overnight in the fridge (without any cap or closure) still tasted fresh, and still with fine bubbles rising. But the most important evidence is in the research by Voeikov and Del Guidice  showing that structured water reduces oxidation.  A very simple test will show new copper coins in two water samples, one is structured with hardly any change in the coins appearance overnight, the other baseline water shows significant oxidising (tarnishing). Repeated tests with iron and other metals all show similar results and tests with cut flowers also show much less biological decay (putrefaction) with the structured water.
More than that, the torsion field structured beer could be very healthy, enabling the body to better absorb nutrients. Research has shown structured water to improve the bioavailability of phytochemicals to the cells.
Are phytochemical compounds important for health? According to the US National Library of Medicine and The National Institutes for Health, they are very important.  …..‘Natural phyto bioactive compounds are currently more in demand than the synthetic medicines for the treatment of diabetes owing to the rich availability, efficacy and fewer side effects
BUT, are phytochemicals easily digested? Do they actually get to our cells that require them? ..Phytochemicals are located inside vacuoles and cell walls of plant cells. Most cell wall materials are indigestible by human enzymic systems.
Therefore, digestibility of the phytochemicals is of great interest or reveals how the phytochemicals can affect human health and fight or prevent diseases Phytochemicals are located inside vacuoles and cell walls of plant cells. Most cell wall materials are indigestible by human enzymic systems. This quote from the US National Library of Medicine indicates that bioavailability of phytochemicals is important, as things are at present, phytochemicals are not easily getting to the cells. If structured water is improving the bioavailability of phytochemicals, then it will be extremely beneficial to health.We always thought beer was important for health, but in future it may be even more so.The techie stuff:   Structured water properties:

  • Energy of electronic excitation.¹, ²
  • Higher viscosity (up to tenfold).²
  • Higher density.²
  • Dimished infrared emissivity. .²
  • Shorter spin lattice T₁ relaxation time and retarded spin spin T₂ relaxation time as detected by nuclear magnetic resonance.²
  • Polarity; like poles like like poles – contrary to Coulomb Law of electrostatics.²
  • Structured water is a reductant whereas normal water is an oxidant.³

Structured water (or partially structured water) can be produced by various methods, the most common method is by vortexing the water. The vortex method has been reported in the scientific study by Del Guidice et al.¹

How long does it last?

What period of time does vortex structured water remain structured? The answer is that it varies, minutes, hours and sometimes days. Contrary to that, torsion field structured water has been tested to remain structured for over two years. It even remains structured after microwaving.

Thank you to Torsion Field for this article!


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