Structured Water: Is it worth the hype? Part 5

Structured Water Is it worth the hype? Part 5

Structured Water:  Is it worth the hype?  Part 5

By Jonathan Butts CEO Natural Action Technologies

Common Sense – That which is intuitively obvious to the casual observer

Move water under too much stress, it will become over stressed, and likely people who are over-stressed will be drinking over-stressed water. What do you think will happen?

And if this is the case, we now get down into the details of showing that water changes its structure in magnetic and electric terms on the subtle level, perhaps even the Aether (kind of like plasma) except the base of transition. (We don’t entirely know) and the trust that natural water has all these attributes to begin with, and in fact, process contamination by incorrect motion/conditions causes a measurable and steady decline in waters interaction quality with everything it comes in touch with. I think this is why the term ‘functional is used’ because it implies dis-functionality on the flip side. So structured water implies healthier water, which may become functional. – “water that promotes the status of health and from which both treatment and physiological function have been scientifically demonstrated and shown reproducible, and where useful health-beneficial effects have been identified among natural and artificially treated waters.”

In this case the content of the article: Structured Water: is it worth the hype? is spot on. It is true, there has not been enough scientific work to make health claims in application of human use.

But this has nothing to do with whether or not structured water exists or not, and often medical researchers do not take the time to make the distinction. This requires each manufacture or methodology to clarify through a system. There is a difference then world wide in the language (which is part of the system) Otherwise, every bottled water says ‘structured water’ in the marketing rush that will ensue. And it will ensue, because the science is well there, and the correlation between structured water and functional water. There is however a lot of work to do with terms; one in application with human health and one in the study and the health of the water. There is plenty to work from now.

Not common sense: The micro world of water

According to the best science available today, this is indeed the case. The groundbreaking scientific work (observation of nature in a systematic way) of Andreas Schultz solved the problem of energy quality in the water and the astounding work by David Gann, Shui Yin Lo and Alpha Lo dealing with the physical aspects regarding structured water. Where the Lo’s show natural water has the ability to possess soft solid like structures of itself (actual solid particles) of nothing but H20 that represent early formations of biological life.

If that be true, and 99.99% it is, then other simple instruments like spectroscopy would easily show changes in the water and the work of many can now corroborate to show that water is either in a state of supporting growth or not, and how to bring it there. James Demeo works to show changes in distilled water through cosmic interactions alone using this method. Dr. Gerald Pollack looks into the important aspect of the polarity in any body of water and uses similar tools to help dispel the mystery. We do our own work to verify and develop and have for a long time. I am curious if TDS become nucleic points where solid clusters can also form, albeit this will take a great degree of study. EZ water, defined by Dr. Pollack refers to the polarization of a water body, where the PH and qualities are different and fundamentally shows a structure change in the water. Chances are the hexagonal water is in a higher degree here in this super-facial nafion region, and possibly pentagonal waters more towards the center, whose job seem to be to isolate and carry away toxins, hence why these positive charges are packed to the center of the water body. An interesting body of work with some serious complication starts to rise. Fun!

Benny Johansson shows that water changes PH and other parameters isolated from electric and magnetic influence also. He shows the difference between ‘functional water’ and bulk water in these respects and many others such as temperature fluctuations. They don’t respond the same. He also shows known improvement to specific body functions measured by conventional medical equipment. His work is perhaps the most in depth of all uniting functional water to structured water.

People writing and assuming there is no development work to quantify claims are fairly correct when testing in human and living applications, but only from the institution they come from. Plenty has been done within the true institution of science (observation) and that is why SW has been around for nearly 100 years within the human consciousness. Frederich Hacheney referred to it as levitative water. Ancient history and Native Americans show great evidence also. It seems only in modern times we struggle with the nature of it.

And now, thanks to people willing to hang it out there, many clinical trials will begin and more controversy will arise. However the results, it still really has nothing to do with the overall topic.

Sit back, relax, and observe

I am content to observe the difference between natural water – water imbued with principles of integrative motion and constructive influence, and water that is contaminated with excessive unnatural process.

The truth is, no single substance or process will ever be a health solution for moving forward; maybe repairing disaster or getting back to square 1. The decisions and the totality of them in your life will determine your health. But if there is one substance I would choose, that can simply do the most, as far as affecting the earth, air, and fire, and all things in that transition of the medium, it would be hands down; water possessing its natural qualities, which now can be defined.

The structure water community needs to get together and quit making claims and just publish observed results. The human race needs to wake up and realize no pill or magic is going to fix individual and collective bad decisions for a great history overnight.

Natural Action Technologies spends a great deal of time tying all this work together, along with basic and proper physics which align with what is observed in nature, along with many other company’s coming into the same realization. We have a membership page if you are interested in keeping up with the actual science behind it and would love to have you.

Where do we mark the point at which water is structured or not?

Fortunately, the method and science has been around for some time. Recently a whole addition of complimentary work confirms things to an even greater degree.

The basic points with structured water involve two primary things:

The shape of the energetic standing waves found in the water -Andreas Schultz

  1. Right angle crystal growth is eliminated in crystal microscopy method
  2. Whether the water is in a self organizing state or capable of self organizing into soft solid structures at room temperature.

All other factors are irrelevant and themselves more and more infect the process of showing water’s elemental behavior as an allotrope. Its only marketeers and scientists who had little or no understanding of natural water that had begun to make PH, surface tension, conductivity, and other standard water measurement claims, which may or may not be true, but are wholly irrelevant in respect to the qualities of living natural water. Structured Water is independent of all other variables except its own internal energy quality and physical growth. This can however be catalyzed for better or worse by substances in and around the water.

We are no longer scientifically at the ‘if or whether or not’, we are at the point of measuring what degree. Everyone else is behind. Undoubtedly, the greatest discovery of perhaps all modern times. Water is teaching us about how the universe works. Simply by observing it.

Using health to validate structured water is like using a speedometer to diagnose an engine in a car. Its an indicator for specific conditions. If the speedometer is broken, it doesn’t mean the car won’t work. For people to address whether it is beneficial or not, we first must establish what it is and disconnect from belief as much as possible. Both those who do and do not, and observe the facts of water and how and when it changes. Then we may develop properly for maximum benefit.

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