Structured Water: Is it worth the hype? Part 4

Structured Water Is it worth the hype? Part 4

Structured Water: Is it worth the hype? Part 4

A breakdown of the article on Structured Water

By Jonathan Butts CEO Natural Action Technologies

On health Applications

Benny Johansson (* Internal Medicine Review: Functional water-in promotion of health beneficial effects and prevention of disease Feb. 2017) cites loose definitions of ‘structured water’ for his application and isolation studies. Benny is one of the most in depth researchers and uses the term functional water. I like this, because it is a fitting adjective.

From the article:

“According to the Functional Water Association of Japan, functional water is defined as a water that promotes the status of health and from which both treatment and physiological function have been scientifically demonstrated and shown reproducible, and where useful health-beneficial effects have been identified among natural and artificially treated waters.”

Again I prefer to stay on the topic of water, and observe it alone by itself, before we start running off making claims on what it will do for a human being. However, many others such as Benny are long past that point. A quick search on line may have helped the author Crystal Raypole of, who I commend for digging up some old rat work, find ties that support her reviewers approval. But hey, who wants to really put their neck on the line? The truth is; more and more people nowadays. So I want to help people put their neck on the line. The water is warm, come on in.

Stick to water for now as far as defining “structured water”

My point is, shouldn’t we definitively verify the water that appears the same is different in all the ways we can, before digging into the complication of overall health benefits for people and the assumption that consuming larger amounts of water of a dysfunctional type is good advice to be completely unchecked. McDonald’s food is good for someone who hasn’t eaten in three days. Why do you think most of the human race doesn’t drink enough water? Maybe there is a lick of truth to the statements of Viktor Schauberger and the claims of so called SW proponents regarding ‘contamination by human process’. Props to Ms. Raypole for even mentioning it, it inspired me to write this article. Now, everyone on the outside looking in assumes contamination by human process means that some stuff got into the water that we couldn’t get out, or we put something into the water that is not good. I’m here to say that neither of those are relevant yet, because the most important thing in a process is movement itself, which everyone on the inside is aware of to some degree. (Most people actually just try it and feel it works, to be honest.) 

This now opens the door to the fact that all water, when moved naturally, is different than water that is moved unnaturally. A type of ‘build up’ of these energy types gets stored in the water. A sort of elasticity is present within the water. So what is different about natural motion and pumped motion, or the chemicals found naturally in water and those we dump into water. Everything!

Now here we get into the term energy, and the abuse of it especially in ambiguity in the SW community. I like to keep things simple. Fundamentally, out of something that was banned by institution many years ago called the Aether, two forms of energy arise: They were named magnetism and electricism and to this day are viewed completely backwards by almost everyone. So right off the bat, we have a field (the Aether) that is disturbed and out comes two measurable forces (energy) (electricism and magnetism) and almost the entire human race has it backwards. Remember to stay simple. The naming and interpretation without definition of motion (process) is always a misstep. You can’t build a foundation off of that. One has to start over. The magnet experiment should do a great deal to clear this up.

Blame it on really, really, really, poor basic physics 

Yeah, they need to buck up on responsibility. Human beings need to focus on their relationship with the environment and this is fundamental basic physics.

It’s a caravan with no wheels man!

Much of this could be understood by a three year old. Let’s be real. But once you are programmed a different way, well ……

Guys like Dale Pond (honoring the work of Walter Russel)

I spend an immense amount of time trying to teach everyone this basic physics blunder. (the basic way the Universe moves) If human consciousness is trying to rise, it must agree on the first step out of the box. Based on the immense and ingenious work by Charles Prometheus Steinmetz, one can easily gather that magnetism is pressure and Di-Electricity is integration. The two can never be separated. Its difficult to explain under the current definitions of science, but considering that is what used to be taught and the false assumption that the human race is progressing as a whole, we have lost some common sense. Viktor Schauberger, for simpler sake simply referred to it as explosion and implosion. Pressure being the potential to explode and the whole reason of contaminating water by process itself without any matter present at all. Excessive pressure and saturated motion. Stressing itself internally. Kind of like we are in modern times as a whole.

If this were true, then distilled water regardless of PH, would express a difference and so would water with stuff in it. But in order to isolate this, first we would have to look at the principles of just water.

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