Structured Water: Is it worth the hype? Part 3

Structured Water: Is it worth the hype?

A breakdown of the article on Structured Water

Part 3

By Jonathan Butts

Harping back to my early career observing water plasma, which is normally associated with ionization and heat; is the lack of relative heat, the massive amount of apparent heat, and (I believe the most important aspect) the property of implosion. Nobody really knows about water gas plasma because they were taught only separation of water. Naturally, water wants to come together more than be taken apart, just like all elements. But we were never really taught implosion. We were never really taught that all things are constantly expanding and contracting and this is a version or the beginnings of all matter and energy in the universe. When they are in relative balance, (contained in all things of matter to a degree), matter forms on the basis of such stasis and is biased towards the implosive condition. (Coming together more than coming apart, with both always occurring.) Obviously observed by the fact that “things” exist. Held together by the polarization and manifest of the Aether.

The pure essence of observation which belies all science requires that you observe before discussing. Perhaps the best way to build a relationship. The better the relationship, the better things work as intended. I suggest building a relationship with water, this may provide a better relationship with yourself as a physical being and beyond. We are not truly at a place where we can become systematic, the only part left to complete the science. I suspect we have quite a few years to go here, but I see the pathway and that pathway will always be improved. Let’s just say there are some remarkable people.

Most people in the structured water community are sales and marketing people who try and interpret reporting of deep relationship between humans and water, without actually having one themselves. They sensationalize out of occupational duress or because of what they believe. They want to make money and share it. It’s a good thing in the big picture.

So if I’m a doctor and realize my oath, I’m going to spend due diligence on the topic of water, rather than jump to the idea that any single substance could override all the variables which marketeers and ego’s have claimed. First we must take a look to see if there is a difference in the water that gives it a new description. Using health claims to assess structured water is like assuming the fastest qualifier in a race will win the race. This rarely happens.

From the article: link above

” Structured water, sometimes called magnetized or hexagonal water, refers to water with a structure that’s been altered to form a hexagonal cluster. This cluster of water molecules is believed to share similarities with water that hasn’t been polluted or contaminated by human processes.”

Assessment: It appears that “structured water” has now been marketed to the domineering term. The term I prefer to use is water. I like to keep things simple. The marketing community keeps switching terms because of incomplete science and hecklers such as Wikipedia and Magnetism is not understood at all by conventional science and hexagonal water is present in all water.

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