Structured Water is a General Term

By Jonathan Butts CEO Natural Action Technologies

Structured Water is a general term which implies a definable and organized molecular and atomic alignment between hydrogen and oxygen. Once they are properly aligned, they can align amongst themselves. This orchestration is distinctly different from water that has been pumped, contaminated with electromagnetic vibrations, chemicals, or other random vibrations without consideration to the whole. We can easily use music as a proper analogy.

The earth has a particular scale or primary tone, which ‘sets up’ parameters of harmony. Water on earth can largely be seen as the conductor of the orchestra. Light, magnetism, voltage, sound, and atoms all possess vibrations or primary tones and frequencies. Pumps have rotating or linear components that total to a vibration. Vibration, frequency, velocity and speed are all descriptors of a note, or moreover a combination of notes. Everything, including the quantum and sub quantum states are simply combinations of notes and tones.

Notes deal with a particular frequency, but any time we play a note, we affect the environment by ‘ringing’ surrounding substances or principles with that note. Tone deals with the shape of the waveform of a particular note. It is the quality of the note. The same note played on a piano does not sound the same as a note played on an electric guitar, or a violin.

Everything is emanating vibrations. These vibrations can amplify, attenuate, and otherwise alter each other, based on a number of factors including, but not limited to: Tone, frequency, amplitude, distance, and medium which the vibration passes through. Therefore, every vibration can either affect water in a positive or negative fashion. Certain substances and certain types of motion can encourage harmonies within the water or cause anti-harmonies. Anti-harmonies cause water to disorganize and harmonies of water cause the water to organize. When the tune is off for too long, this results in the water becoming stuck in that state. Water then becomes potentially destructive to the source or sources of the “noise”.

One could have never learned a thing about music or ever played an instrument, but that same individual can easily recognize the beauty of harmony and the discord of anti-harmonies; or simply when something is “out of tune.” One could even be in the proper over all correct tuning, but play in the wrong scale, or even play the wrong note with in the right scale at the wrong time. Every musician knows this. Every human being knows this through relationship also. Bad music drives away listener, which in turn drives away the source. The result is divisiveness.

When Nature is left alone to organize itself, it generally plays the right note at the right time in the right scale. Since nature is quite a large orchestration and the song is always subject to change, there are naturally occurring dis-harmonies in nature. However, that natural tone predominates harmony rather than discord. Natural Water is the key component in altering anti-harmonies into harmonies. The result is cohesion and attraction.

Bulk water is water that has been inundated with anti-harmonies and devoid of the proper triggers to revitalize water. This is caused by cutting off the natural hydrological cycle. Damming water; pumping it incorrectly; holding it stagnant; exposing it to direct sunlight and excessive heating cycles, etc.; all result in divisive forms of activity. Mankind’s interaction with water has largely been one of interference with natural motion. This condition impedes the water’s ability to rejuvenate itself. Therefore, bulk water is water that has been treated with ignorance of natural principles. It no longer has the ability to turn anti-harmonies into harmony within itself and its environment. Oxygen and hydrogen become aggressive, and the overall state of that type of water is to tear things apart.

This condition can be resolved by certain triggers, widely observable in nature, in which the water no longer takes on this condition. This natural form of water is referred to as structured water. For many years now, mankind has spread bulk water throughout its civilization and nature. Many of today’s difficulties are a result of mistreatment of water. The solution is to recognize the simple and beautiful mechanisms which alleviate this state and spread structured water throughout civilization and nature. In time, harmony may be restored to human beings with nature, by applying simple principles of nature. Structured water is therefore a pathway to restore harmony in all things. Natural Action’s Structured Water is nature’s water. It is water that is returned to its natural state by simulating natural motion around harmonizing materials. We trust nature knows best and follow her principles. We have witnessed mankind’s ignorance and presumptions. It has cost us all a great deal of dissonance.

We are proud to manufacture and deliver her principles to you, your home, pets and plants, or anywhere where water flows or doesn’t. We assist in the evolution of water and help return it to it’s home function: To assist in the tuning of the grand orchestra of Mother Earth and all its inhabitants. This is why we adhere to natural principles and believe we provide one of the best Structured Water devices available on the market today. It was designed by nature itself.