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Drink Spring water for better health – Structured Water – Health Benefits

spring water case – In all organisms there are water molecules, which constantly produce energy from the earth’s magnetic field. But, as our magnetic field has been reduced by outside influences, these water molecules have also been weakened. Many people suffer from a lack of energy. Magnetism brings energy and it is proven. When we drink magnetized water for better health, we can stabilize and balance our need for energy. Spring Water acts on our body when it is consumed regularly and over several months.

Magnetic water has the same properties as spring water: easier to assimilate by the body, it has a diuretic effect by draining the body, it improves metabolic functions by ensuring better oxygenation of the blood and promoting l hydration of the skin, it is particularly indicated in all digestive and renal disorders. To conclude, we can see that magnetized water can act actively and regularly on the whole body. It transports new energies, strengthens the system, reduces kidney stones, lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure, improves the digestive process.

Water is essential. It is therefore imperative to provide our body with the necessary amount of water to allow it to function properly. Water is supplied through food and through the absorption of drinks.  Water is the main component of every cell in our body. Water carries nutrients through the blood to cells and organs. Water in the service of health in external use for a long time.

The multiple benefits of magnetized water on our body  – spring water case

  • Deep drainage of the body: this results in better hydration of our cells. Deep drainage also helps to combat water retention.
  • Long-term detoxification of the body: the spring water is diuretic. Its consumption will increase the volume of urine so there will be a greater elimination of organic and mineral residues.
  • Help with the elimination of cellulite: this is a bit the consequence of the two properties listed above. In fact, cellulite is made up of piles of fat in certain parts of the body. In general, this fat is encrusted in poorly irrigated tissues. Consuming the magnetized water will help to better drain these areas where the blood will circulate again and will carry with it little by little the waste stored in the fat cells. The loss of weight for the consumer can be felt in the months following the consumption of this water.

We now know that the fish are able to return to their spawning grounds by following the magnetic lines or force of the earth, in the same way as the birds do. Similar results have recently been shown in beetles, crickets, grasshoppers, bees and flies.

The Russians are the pioneers in the use of magnetized water. They call it “Wonder Water.” Magnetized water was first used in Russia by three specialists: Drs. G. Gerbenshchikow, I. Shetsov and K. Tovstoles, all three specialists in urology at the Kirov Military Medical Academy in Leningrad. They made their patients drink bipolar magnetized water. This simple treatment has been very effective in breaking up kidney and gallbladder stones into small enough particles to be passed through the urine without any pain or danger to the patient. The water also further prevented the formation of stones in the kidneys and gallbladder.

spring water case – 
Magnet Have an Effect on Water

Magnets indeed have an effect on the water, and commercial industry has used them for many years now with some success as a form of water treatment. It is also known that the north and south pole have different effects, so it takes a bit of knowledge here to what the condition is being treated, or that both poles be used in some form to not steer the water.

In addition, magnetic fields are not necessary to alter water and moreover by themselves could reduce water quality depending on what it was to begin with. It takes new methods and solid correlations with existing methods to really develop and know, when it comes to daily water use or treating a condition towards balance. Our companies view is to avoid them for daily drinking water because of subjective crystal imagery evidence. But none the less they have an effect due to di-electric field that exists in a magnet; (that is the inertia preserving effect)

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