Frequently Asked Questions

The portable unit can be placed in the dishwasher or cleaned at regular intervals, depending on use. Soak the portable in hot dish detergent, scrub outside, soak in hot water to rinse, run water through and a small bristle brush to clean the spout.

All other units require no service and are covered by a limited lifetime warranty (10 years)

One is a functional chromotherapy color(translucent blue vs opaque grey)

One is functional and the other is not. The blue is a translucent Dinshaw filter, color aligned with uplifting and crown chakra, one method of programming water, by filtering ambient light into the water, which imprints that frequency into the water.

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Increased Energy and Clarity
(increased photonic and bio-field energy)

More Resilient Immune System
(increased bio-available oxygen)

Better Hydration
(increased absorption through reduced surface tension)

Reduced Toxins and Radicals
(alters their molecular and energetic structure and makes them less harmful)

Better Health and Well-being
(significant bio-availability, trace minerals and surplus energy)

Smoother Water and Softer Skin and Hair
(reduced water surface tension)

Enhanced Nutrient Absorption
(tighter packed and more organized molecules)

Improved Circulation and Reduced Swelling
(increased absorption through reduced surface tension)

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No. Structured Water along with a healthy lifestyle is an excellent way to maintain health and heal yourself. More and more practitioners are using SW in addition to therapies and note increased effectiveness. Many users notice improvements in their regimen when SW is added to it.

There is great evidence to support significant reduction in toxic effects within water that has been structured.  It does not, however, remove anything directly from the water.  The work of Andreas Schultz explains in great detail what is happening.   Since toxicity is only related to the amount, it is too broad a term to make statements or claims upon.  Schultz discovered through macro-crystal analysis that toxic energy was significantly mitigated with Natural Action SW generators.

Natural Action units do not delete anything. Our units change the properties of water to greatly assist in removal of fluoride, chlorine, or any other elemental compound that is saturated or radical.  Filters do not do this, nor do they deal with the toxicity which remains in water even pure, due to pumping and other forms of disorder the water retains.  Fluoride and chlorine does not exist as such in the body, it’s a compound acid, because it is a radical that won’t oxidize.

We offer a 90-day customer satisfaction money back guarantee.  Simply return the unit for a full refund. Return and Exchange Form.

From our research, we believe the energetic signature is the most important aspect within the water.  Our device deals with that aspect very well.  Some people use tap and well water.  Other people start with the highest quality water and then structure it. We encourage people in modern times to source the highest quality water they can afford and freshly structure their water.

There are many variables involved. It can last for months if not exposed to radiation or sunlight. Freshly structured water is always best, taken closest from the device.

Water that has attained a coherent structure may last for quite some time – many days – as long as it is not exposed to disruptive forces. Things that will disrupt water’s crystalline structure include: unnatural electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs from kitchen appliances, fluorescent lights, microwave ovens, computers, cell phones, Wi-fi  etc.) direct sunlight for an extended period of time, and contaminants.

All water is an excellent radiation shield.  Structured water implies improved function, due to its increased order.  Our device in particular is intended to enhance this function with specific design features.  Putting more hexagonal water into the body helps ensure more hexagonal water is available for the inside and outside of cells.  Hexagonal water surrounds healthy cells to help protect from radiations and physical toxins and pathogens.

Please contact us directly if you have questions about your unit. You can contact us through our chat application or send a email through our contact form.  To submit a request for return or exchange, please enter your information on our RMA return/exchange form.

Most people use Structured Water for health.  It can be used anywhere there is water and most likely benefits will be seen. Humans, animals, plants and machines can benefit greatly.

Hard boiling definitely affects the structure. It’s entropy, cooling the water adds structure. It is recommended to soft boil water. Tests show the water remains structured after soft boiling.

It will probably reduce the structure, dark cold, 39F is optimal, but we recommend  drinking small amounts, or at room temperature.

This is normal and expected. Please view our Minbiotic Video. Additional details on Minbiotics are located here.

Night and day. Water revitalization has to do with adding vitality to the water, Reverse Osmosis is stressing and stripping the water. Structuring water after the RO unit works very well and revitalizes water.

Structure is ambiguous, revitalization occurs through many methods, motion and materials. View our “How it Works” video here.

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The Natural Action Technologies (NAT) limited lifetime warranty coverage of (10) years covers manufacture defects or quality issues. It is also accompanied by a 90 day customer satisfaction guarantee from the date of delivery. The warranty does not include misuse, abuse, sunlight damage, improper installation, freeze damage, natural disaster or blemishes from the manufacturing process. Register your Natural Action Device HERE!

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