Structured Water: Effects on Animals

Lindinger, Michael. (2021). Structured Water: effects on animals. Journal of Animal Science. 99. 10.1093/jas/skab063.

This review focuses on the effects of structured water on animals when it is consumed on a daily basis. Structured water is liquid water that is given altered H-bonding structure by treatment with various forms of energy including magnetic fields and light.

While most of the research has been conducted on ‘magnetized’ water, which has structure of short duration, recent research has examined effects of a structured water with stability of at least 3.5 months.

A variety of laboratory and farm animals have been studied over the past twenty years. Consistent (three or more studies) responses amongst animals consuming structured water for one month or more include increased rate of growth, reduced markers of oxidative stress, improved glycemic and insulinemic responses in diabetics, improved blood lipid profile, improved semen and spermatozoa quality, and increased tissue conductivity as measured using bioelectrical impedance analysis.

While it is known that fluids in and around cells and molecules are structured, it remains unknown if this endogenous water structuring is influenced by drinking structured waters. The mechanisms by which structured water affects biological systems are unknown and require investigation. Effects of structured water, when taken up by biological systems, are likely associated with altered water structuring around biological surfaces, such as proteins and membranes.

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