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HD-9US Under Sink Unit

Based on the successful design of the HD Series Whole House Units, the HD-9 is built to a high level of engineering standards to deliver optimal performance with rugged, heavy-duty durability.

Most popular among renters who cannot install one of our whole house units, the HD-9US installs below the sink on your kitchen faucet’s cold-water line so that all of the cold water coming out of your faucet is revitalized Natural Action Water.  

This device produces revitalized structured water through a natural process of passive ionization utilizing paramagnetic materials and organized turbulence to produce natural ionizing effects improving the charge distribution similar to mountain spring water. Learn more about  ‘passive ionization’ technologies here.

Water Vault

It comes with pre-installed ½” male NPT nipples for easy installation below the sink. It also comes with a mounting bracket and a stainless steel hose, offering a variety of mounting options.

It’s a one-time installation with a 10-year warranty and no replacement parts or maintenance when properly installed. 90 day customer satisfaction guarantee.


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Product Description and Health Benefits

Natural Action Product video
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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 7 × 5 in

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  1. We are very happy with our structured water devices! These devices are easy to install and the service is friendly and efficient. I have just bought another single tap for my parents. Highly recommended!

  2. We’ve owned a hand-held NAT structured water filter for years, and have experienced the results first-hand, as well as introducing their technology to friends and family. It was only a matter of time before we upgraded and installed this one under our sink, and it significantly reduces our structuring time while keeping the water smooth, energized and happy. (yes, water can be happy… Google the recent scientific breakthroughs showing that water has memory!) Not only are we thrilled with the structuring, but NAT was able to ensure we received the product as expected and we experienced immediate and above-and-beyond customer service. What a great company. Our only other concern before buying this was that is might have been a counterfeit seller because of such limited reviews, but in good news this is the legitimate company and the product is 100% authentic. Thanks NAT!

  3. Thank you for introducing me to the Vortex Structured Water products. I love the portable structuriser. I take it with me everywhere I go for myself, family and friends. I love how much easier it is to drink water and how much quicker it seems to be absorbed from my stomach. For example, I can easily drink 0.5 to 1 Litre of water and exercise within 15mins at a very high level aerobically without any stomach discomfort. If I drink water straight from the tap, it rumbles around in my stomach for a long time (maybe 30 – 60 mins) before I can exercise comfortably. The difference is amazing.

  4. It helped me enjoy drinking water again. Went from 2-4 cups a day max to 2-3 liters a day. My body absorbed the water using your unit rather than going to the gents 10 times a day when I attempted to drink 2 liters + per day in the past Massive change. It tastes better! Made me feel more relaxed and less jittery for some reason. I can’t explain this. It made me calmer somehow… in the same way that meditation calms my mind, this “calmed my body” somehow by drinking more vortexed structured water. I have attempted to drink 1-3 liters a day in the past but my body didn’t like it – the taste and bloated feeling. This is easy to drink, no bloating! Ate much less food as drinking more water and light dinners so I seem to save food and money! I am convinced 100%. Big change!

  5. After hooking up the under sink unit that I purchased from you, I am convinced that what you say is true. It has empowered me to be at my best 24/7. I run a small electronics company and most days are very challenging.
    My wife of 34 years seem to have grown in different directions. I was pretty normal when we got married but she thinks I am crazy now. So I started drinking the water and she has also. WOW, now I stay full of love most of the time, and it appears to have assisted my wife also. At this point in time I would like to spread this around.
    I think I may be addicted, I get out of the shower and have to go to the basement and get some structured water. I wake up at night thirsty, I drink structured water. I love the way I feel. Honestly the water has helped me become a beacon of light 24/7.

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