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HD-24 Whole Home Structured Water with Filter Solution

  • Chemical Free Softener
  • Reduces Hard Scale and Mold
  • Healthy Raised Living Vitality Water for Softer Water
  • Oxygenates Your Water
  • Creates Living High Quality Spring Like Water
  • Solid Carbon Block Filter
  • Save Money and end your relationship with Bottled Water

  • Reduce the Burden of Plastic Bottles on the Environment
  • Protect your family from harmful contaminants in tap water
  • Treat Your Pets Right with Healthier Water
  • No Maintenance Required
  • 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee Return Policy
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Easy to Install

This device produces revitalized structured water through a natural process of passive ionization utilizing paramagnetic materials and organized turbulence to produce natural ionizing effects improving the charge distribution similar to mountain spring water. Learn more about  ‘passive ionization’ technologies here.

Our Signature Whole House Solution is a combination of our HD-24 Whole House Revitalizer and a Multipure Aquaversa with Below Sink Kit. It’s a great combination for homeowners who want structured water throughout their entire homes coupled with filtered and revitalized drinking water.

Revitalize all the water throughout your whole home with our HD-24 Whole House Unit. Enjoy luxurious showers, reduced scale and mold growth, and in many cases, eliminate the need for a water softener in your home. Gardens, laundry, and, of course, drinking water will all greatly benefit from revitalization through the HD-24.

The HD-24 is coupled with the Multipure Aquaversa, which is our favorite filter to work in conjunction with Natural Action Water Vitality Systems.

With its unique design of compressed solid carbon block and .5-micron absolute pore sizes, the Aquaversa delivers world-class contaminant reduction in a cost effective and efficient form. With annual cartridge changes costing just $90, it’s a low-maintenance, high-performance filter that pairs with our Water Vitality Technology better than any system we’ve tried.

Most importantly, the Aquaversa allows the water to retain the structure and energy that occurs from the HD-24, unlike most filters we’ve tested.

This combination of an HD-24 on the whole house water line and an Aquaversa for drinking water is the system used by many of our staff and long-time customers. It’s our most common recommendation to anyone looking for a cost-effective total home water solution.  Convert your tap into clean, high-quality, spring-like water.

Water Vault

Only Shippable to the USA and Canada.

Natural Action is a Multipure Independent Builder #433499

*Sharkbite fittings pictured are not included.

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*Installation by Professional Certified Plumber required, or warranty and associated water damage liability may be void.

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Product Description and Benefits

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Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 4 × 4 in
*NPT Options

3/4" inch NPT, 1" inch NPT

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  1. KB

    The ways that it has benefited me and my husband James is we have noticed an absolute increase in energy. And knowing that I had been exposed to heavy chemical poisoning numerous times, I have had to do a detoxification program and I know it is greatly helping me to detox. I would like to continue doing so. The NAT technology is a huge part of my recovery and it is helping me to become a 100% well-functioning human being.

  2. AS

    Looks like it does what the manufacturer claims. Water feels and tastes smooth and good. Thank you.

  3. BC

    Since installing the Home device in my home, there has been a noticeable improvement in several areas. First is the very refreshing smoother taste. Baths and showers are more refreshing and my dry skin condition has improved significantly. Numerous other changes include no lime deposits on the shower heads, cleaner shower walls, and even the commode requires less cleaning. The swamp cooler is much more efficient, cooling faster and running less with similar temperatures as last year. When I went up on the roof to check it out I found the inside of the cooler clean, just like new.

  4. BL

    Even though we have already got a regular whole house water filter system, the water we have still smells chlorine. But after installing this unit, the water tastes fresher and clearer with no chlorine smell at all !
    Another thing I notice is that the water I drink seems lighter, so it is easier to drink more.
    I can now use structured water for everything. To me it is the most economical unit since it structured all the water coming into my house. Does it do all it claims? Too soon to tell. For now, it’s working in some way I can be sure and the service is good ,so I will give it 5 stars for now. I will do some follow up here whenever I find anything note worthy. Hope this help others who are not sure if it works.

  5. ES

    I’ve noticed my body responding positively to drinking and showering in this water and I felt hydrated all day. Also, all the joints in my body are feeling more flexible which improved the rate of my yoga practice. At a mental level, there’s been significant change too. I’ve become more focused and grounded. It is much easier to maintain calm and have a more observant state of mind. My skin feels better and my long hair seems to shine more. I recommend anyone to try the water conditioners and start noticing the positive effects it will have in your life.

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