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Cobalt Blue Portable Water Revitalizer

Made in The USA

The Portable Unit is the easiest way to structure water at home and on the go. Enjoy the benefits of an energy infusion of Structured Water when you’re out and about; whether in-town, at a local restaurant, or on the road traveling. Also, great for apartment living, where a whole house unit is not an option. Simply pour water through the top (large end) and point the small spout into any container to get the benefits of Structured Water.

Water Vault

(Translucent Chromotherapy Dinshaw Blue)

No Power Required, No Maintenance Needed, No Subscriptions.
90 day customer satisfaction guarantee.



Clean by rinsing thoroughly. The Unit is dishwasher friendly, or soak in detergent and water. Rinse thoroughly by soaking or flushing after cleaning.

The  products can be drained and stored in either direction, i.e., spout up or spout down, or sideways once dry.

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Portable/Travel Unit Description and Benefits

Natural Action Portable/Travel structured water unit
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Portable/Travel Unit Testimonial​

Testimonial - Tina Portable/Travel Unit.
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Portable/ Professional Athlete Testimonial

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Weight 0.81 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 3 in

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Image #1 from Makena Lawrence
Image #2 from stacey Sorensen
Image #1 from Makena Lawrence

Makena Lawrence

I'm absolutely thrilled with this product :) I've only had it a couple weeks but it's been with me everywhere! It's so convenient - great for travel and just being on the go in general. I even tried running some tea through it after the tea had cooled down, and I was blown away by how much better it tasted!!! Can't recommend it enough <3

Image #2 from stacey Sorensen

stacey Sorensen

I’m having so much fun structuring my red wine and my Berkey filtered water. I run it through the portable unit, into a mason jar or pitcher, until I’m ready to drink it, then I run it through the portable unit from the mason jar to my glass. I’m a flight attendant so I’m grateful to have a portable unit for all of the bottled water I drink on the plane. However, now I’ve bought a 1/2 gallon water bottle and add the minerals to take to work with me. I’m finally trusting the water I drink and it’s joyful!

Image #1 from Makena Lawrence
Image #2 from stacey Sorensen
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  1. Quality materials. Quick and easy to use. Great water.

  2. Love it!

  3. Can definitely discern the lower surface tension of the structured water. It is wetter.

  4. ~I have learned that I need to drink less water to remain properly hydrated after I started using the portable structured water unit. I used to drink three liters of water a day, more on days when I exercised. Now I only need two liters a day to remain properly hydrated.

  5. I purchased the shower filter and the portable enhanced unit.
    First, the water does make skin and hair smoother and it feels “cleaner” and “residue ” free.
    Recently a colleague was sneezing and sneezing and taking good meds. I offered my “moving ” water as he calls it now because he was just sneezing so. Why offer the water for sneezing? I had taken the structured water water a couple of weeks before ( you know us, we stop using things after a while from boredom?) and after maybe 20 Minutes the sinuses cleared. No not because it was water because I drink a lot of water. It was because it was structured water.
    He came back to me about 20 Minutes later with the same surprised look on his face as I had had! So I don’t go without he portable unit any more. That convinced me totally because someone else who was a tad skeptical also had the same results.
    There you have it. Little miracles are sometimes the most convincing!!
    Thank you!

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