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Made in The USACarbonGene Model Z Odic Charger

This highly hand crafted device is derived from the same principles our Portable/Travel devices and can be used in the same manner. There are attributes within the design that will inherently improve its performance over our standard water revitalizer whether using pour through methods or used as a Water Enobbling device as described by Viktor Schauberger’s princple requirements.  By charging in the refrigerator set to 39F for 1-12 hrs or more, different degrees of water quality and energy can be brought about according to the user’s preferences.  Enjoy crisp invigorated mountain stream like water right out of the home.  Designed to work with water programming devices and homeopathic remedies using water.  The charged water also makes a great meditation tool when used according to standard life force principles kinesiology principles.

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Our CarbonGene portable units are hand crafted one at a time. Please expect a 3-4 week production time before we ship. We appreciate your patience and look forward to hearing your experiences with our modern day version of ennobled water to help create ” Live Water”!  A private forum is avaiable to recieve detailed information to help most effectively use the device.

CarbonGene Z Description and Instructions



Product Description and Health Benefits

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  1. Description of operation Pour through: The CG series works as a standard portable water revitalizer by pouring water through the funnel end and out the spout into a container. The Z models have a powerful magnetic array in the pour funnel section specially arranged to create a strong integrative field for pre-treatment of the water.
  2. Charge Mode: Charge mode is achieved by filling the unit with the spout cap in place. The unit should be filled within 1/2″ from the top of the entry way and then plugged with the cork provided. Authentic corks are provided to allow the water to breathe and are preferred. Lightly press the cork into the funnel entry to seal the device. It will soak and seat itself quite well. Once the cork is seated, rest the unit in the funnel down position on the cork base, spout up. The unit may leak a drop or two through the cork, but otherwise seals very well and can travel while filled without spillage. The provided travel bag will wick any residual moisture.
  3. Orgone accumulator: While your unit is charging the water, it also serves as an environmental charger of subtle energy. Some may find it useful for EMF mitigation due to the large amount of charging Shungite present in the unit.
  4. This unit is designed to make ‘Enobled Water’ as Viktor Schauberger described in his writings on how to replicate the well known ‘special waters’ from particular locations in mountain streams. More highly charged water (2-24 hrs.) should be consumed at 39F and is different than everyday drinking water. Everyday drinking water would be the ‘pour through’ method or light charges 5 min to 2 hrs. Learn more at forum.naturalaction.com
  5. The CGZ will work best when intention, homeopathy, and programming are applied with creativity. It is a powerful water enhancing tool designed to reduce material requirements and enhance vibrational effects water can carry and modulate. Always seek professional medical advice.



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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 3 in

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  1. Incredible instrument when used properly

  2. – we’ve been drinking it cold,
    – and hot with our herbal teas.
    – we’ve also used it for the tinctures such as chlorella, flower remedies, minerals and such.
    – we’ve brought it to restaurants and noticed the smoother quality of the water.
    – but the most impressively noticeable so far is that we stuck a sprig of mint in a glass, that we got from the farmers market. it was limp by the time we got home, and it not only revived the mint sprig, standing tall, but the water has not decomposed the sunken parts at all and it’s been nearly a week. holy smokes! do you know how much basil we lost trying to keep it in a glass of fresh water like the mint. since that worked so well, i added some water to a bag of sunflower sprouts which also typically goes bad in just a few days, and have been enjoying them all week too.

    amazing. thanks so much for sharing your creation.
    off to read the book now.
    many many thanks.

  3. Running everything through the CarbonGene! Whole family loves it!

  4. This thing is a MUST for anyone who is very serious about their water. Obvious energy boost can be experience after just charging the water in my CarbonGene for just 15 minutes.

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