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Structured revitalized water is created by the Natural Action of Water. We structure revitalize water by mimicking motion, using materials within nature.

Natural Action CarbonGene Water Revitalization Products

Our Water Revitalization Products

Functional Water

Water that is considered to create a positive biological response from a particular type of water and application. Benny Johansson – Functional Water.pdf

Structured Water

Is an ambiguous term widely used in marketing today that implies functional water. However, there is no current and widely accepted verification for the term.

Activated Water

Is a term used by some to describe functional water. Generally, dealing with NMR work discusses proton spin and arrangement as the primary cause for the change in structure and behavior of the water.

Hexagonal Water

Is only a portion of the total water structure as measured by specific NMR methods. Therefore, it is not an all-inclusive term to describe the water wholly. Learn more at

EZ Water

EZ Water is a term coined by Gerald Pollack. In addition, to describing surface charge interaction between hydrophilic and hydrophobic substances with relative property changes in the water.

Charged Water

Charged water implies functional water with an increase in ‘Broad Energy’ terms or decreased biological load after consumption. Moreover, this term is ambiguous to all scientific art forms.