Aquaversa Multipure Filtration system


High Quality Carbon Block Filters

After many years of researching a wide variety of water filtering and other purification methods, we are proud to recommend and represent the best filters in the business. We have found that the average off the shelf filter potentially makes the water worse from certain biological perspectives. When it comes to filtration there is hands down no competition.  The proof is in the results.  Ask your current or prospective brand to provide similar lab reports. 

Technology and natural minerals can raise the quality of your well and tap water well beyond that which is widely used at a fraction of the cost!

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Natural Action Technologies is a Multipure Independent Builder #433499

MultiPure Aquasource

The Multipure Aquasource* is a whole-house water solution, providing powerful filtration at point-of-entry, and ensuring that every water source in the home delivers cleaner, more healthful water. This system installs in the garage or basement, near the water heater, as a fixed-location filtration element. An array of multiple solid carbon block filters ensures that it reduces the presence of contaminants while maintaining the high water pressure needed to supply all the sinks, baths, and showers in your house.

Multipure Aquaperform

The Multipure Aquaperform is not only a system that reduces a wide range of contaminants addressed by standard Multipure systems, but also reduces the presence of Arsenic V in the drinking water. It is a high performance system in a durable, stainless steel casing. The below-the-sink systems can be connected to an icemaker.

MultiPure Aquaversa

The Multipure Aquaversa is a durable, stainless steel water system with the versatility to work on the countertop or below the sink. It provides all the taste and health benefits of Multipure filtered water, in a sturdy, easy-to-install package. The below-the-sink systems can be connected to an ice maker.

There is no comparison in the highest quality bottled water and the Natural ACTion method!
Plus the pollution of plastics is eliminated while we work with convention!
Combined with our efforts to move to hemp-based plastic products, we truly aim to make a difference from person to planet!