Is drinking water the secret to feeling happy?

Is drinking water the secret to feeling happy? Probably not, but this survey says that it may be indicative of a person’s happiness.

In the survey, 2,000 Americans were asked how much water they consumed on average. The results then found that adults were three times more likely to feel “very happy” if they reported drinking enough water.

Additionally, 67% of respondents who drank “more than enough” water evaluated themselves as “very happy,” whereas only 21% of those who said they “didn’t drink enough water” said they’re “very happy.” Can you imagine the study being done with structured water!

The statistics emerged in a poll conducted by OnePoll. The results also revealed that the average American drinks almost five glasses of water per day, with the average respondent believing the “recommended amount” of water per day is only five eight-ounce glasses (most experts believe you should drink eight).

Once again, those who drank more glasses of water per day were more likely to evaluate themselves as “very happy.”

The “10+ glasses a day drinkers” were statistically the most likely to be “very happy,” with 80% saying so, and 18% opting for “somewhat happy.”

But interestingly, the results showed a steady increase in “very happy” respondents as the number of glasses of water consumed went up.

For example, of those who drank two glasses a day, only 34% were able to call themselves “very happy,” and of those who drank four glasses, 45% were “very happy.”

And the most likely group to rate themselves as “not very happy”? Those who drank zero glasses of water per day, with 24% responding this way.

Not only that, but those who drank 10+ glasses per day were also most likely to rate themselves as “very energetic” (82%), and also most likely to rate themselves as “very successful” (67%).

“With the demands of everyday life, living a healthy lifestyle can sometimes be a challenge, said CEO Anat Levi of O.Vine. “Staying hydrated is a big part of that.”

But staying properly hydrated can be a challenge for some, it turns out. According to the stats, three in four Americans say they are too busy to drink the proper amount of water.

But even though they may lack the time, they are not in denial about its benefits.

For example, 73% of those surveyed say they are noticeably happier when they feel they’ve drunk “enough” water, and over half (54%) feel less productive at work if not properly hydrated.

So, Is drinking water the secret to feeling happy? Looks like it may be!

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