Integrating the MagnaRay Technology

Integrating the MagnaRay Technology

MagnaRay Whole House Unit: MR-24

The feedback from the early owners of the CarbonGene Z was so overwhelmingly positive that we knew we needed to integrate the MagnaRay technology into our other devices.
In particular, there was a noted desire to have our most cutting-edge technology treat all of the water throughout an entire home.
So we  introduced our next iteration of MagnaRay Technology: The MR-24 Whole House Unit.

Integrating the MagnaRay Technology

Just like our popular HD-24 Whole House Unit, the MR-24 has 24 stages of our Double Vortex FlowForm Technology. However, instead of one continuous stream of 24 stages of vortexing, the MR-24 is split into two 12-stage vortexing chambers. In between the two stages is our MagnaRay.

Understanding the Synergy of the MR-24

As you can see, the MagnaRay component of the HD-24 is a bit more than just some magnets on a pipe.
It uses six large, asymmetrical, powerful rare-earth magnets that are held in an exact hexagonal formation with precision down to the thousandths of an inch.
It also integrates one of our developments from the CarbonGene Z: a blend of nanometals, shungite, and ormus (which contains a wide spectrum of monatomic elements) held in a stable form near the south pole sides of the magnets.

Harnessing the South Pole’s Qualities

The south pole has a pushing-out, yang quality to it. In Magnetic Therapy, the south pole represents stimulation, inflammation, and heat.
So, we apply the enhancement elements of the MagnaRay Technology to the south pole end of the magnets.
We think this causes the south pole to effectively push the frequencies of these enhancement elements through the north pole and into the center of the north pole cancellation void.
This is difficult to prove, but we’ve noticed a difference when we didn’t apply the enhancement elements to the south pole ends.

Conductive End Plates

On the outside of the MR-24’s MagnaRay portion, you have the copper plates that are both decorative and functional.
Copper, of course, is a great conductor. It’s never been something we’ve wanted to have touch the water directly for a variety of reasons. But in the MagnaRay, it serves a functional purpose in conducting the enhancement elements with the magnetic fields.
The combination of the conductive outer plates, the enhancement elements, and the precisely aligned magnetic array results in a device that’s sophisticated beyond any other magnetic water technology that we’ve seen.

The Combination of The MagnaRay and the Double Vortex FlowForm Technology

When the MagnaRay combines with our FlowForm technology, the effects on both are greatly amplified.  Integrating the MagnaRay Technology is key. The water is energized in a way that’s greater than the sum of the parts.
Why is this?
When the water first enters the MR-24 it goes into the first 12-stage vortexing chamber.
The water is still vortexing as it exits the first 12-stage vortexing chamber, and because the vortexing of the second 12-stage chamber starts before the actual FlowForm (in the same way that a rock in a river causes a ripple BEFORE the rock’s location), the vortexing motion continues throughout the space between the two vortexing chambers.
That means the water is still in a vortexing motion when it interacts with the MagnaRay’s north pole cancellation void. The turbulent, vortexing motion generates more interaction between the water and the MagnaRay’s cancellation void.
This greatly enhances the effect of the MagnaRay on the water to an amazing degree.
Yes, it’s well documented that magnets have better effect on water conditioning when the water is turbulent as it passes through the magnetic fields.
But the result of vortexing the water before and after the MagnaRay was a stable, powerful yet non-aggressive enhancement to the water beyond what any of us imagined water possible from a whole house unit.

Benefits of the MR-24 Whole House Unit by Integrating the Magnaray Technology

We’re very proud of our achievement in developing the MR-24. It represents the very best of our current technology.
Functionally, it’s better than any whole house unit we’ve ever made by a large degree.

A Higher Level of Stable Energization

The water from our MR-24 Unit is more energized, structured, living, and coherent throughout the entire home.
Early owners of the MR-24 who had previously owned one of our standard whole house units reported a noted increase in effect, especially for homes where the distance between the MR-24’s location and the water access point was a long one. It seems the MagnaRay contributes to the water holding its energized state in an even more stable way than our standard line of devices.
I spoke to a customer from Indio, California who was one of our first MR-24 customers. He’s in love with the device and can’t believe the difference he’s noticed in his kitchen water, his showers, and his garden. He said his water tastes sweeter than he ever thought his California tap water could be!
While we’ve always stated that taste is not a great indicator of water’s structure, energy, or coherence, early owners of the MR-24 noted an improved taste in the water more frequently than we’ve ever heard it with our standard whole house units.

Unparalleled Salt-Free Hard Water Treatment

Because both the MagnaRay and the Double Vortex FlowForm Technology are proven salt-free water conditioning methods, the synergy between them creates an improvement to hard water that’s better than any salt-free method we’ve ever seen.
If your water is hard to the point that it’s on the borderline of needing a salt-based softener in addition to one of our whole house units, you may be able to avoid the salt with the MR-24.
It won’t be every single case, as there’s a limit to the amount to the amount of salt-free conditioning that can work when the water is past a certain threshold of hardness.
Generally, our HD-24 unit is effective at eliminating the need for a salt-based softener up to about 300ppm of hardness. The exact threshold varies based on individual water chemistry.
Beyond 500ppm of hardness, it’s unlikely any salt-free option will be sufficient.
But the MR-24 has a greater chance of being sufficient for borderline cases between 300ppm 500ppm because of the synergistic combination of the FlowForm and the MagnaRay. That accounts for a huge segment of the hard-water population, so it’s a game-changer for those people.

Conclusion of Integrating the MagnaRay Technology

All in all, by integrating the MagnaRay Technology,  the MR-24 is simply the most powerful water energization device we’ve ever seen. The water it produces tastes sweeter than from any other device we’ve tried, and our UV Spectrometer readings confirm it is structured to a higher level than anything we’ve ever produced. We hope you have enjoyed learning how we integrated the MagnaRay Technology into our new Whole House Unit.

We thank all our customers who continuously support us with purchases so that we can continue our pioneering research into the potentials of water.
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