Human Cell Structure

Human Cell Structure: Some Myths, Some Truths.
Is it a battery? Role of water.

We are part of Creation/consciousness and hence made of energy/frequency and vibration. If we are this, then how does this translate to our existence? The human body has as its ‘basic unit’ the cell (some 50-70 trillion) and all need to function as a cohesive unit for survival.

What is the make up of the cell and how does the cell function? Are all cell components (e.g. endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, Sodium-potassium pump, bi-lipid cell membrane and various receptors) real or artifacts of preparation for e/microscopic examination? There is now good evidence that these are artifacts.

Lipid Bi-Layer (Phospholipid) is found in dead cells – prepared for EM with heavy metal deposition. Membrane of outer surface is 100 A in thickness. Hillman and Ling call it a ‘halo’ effect.

Na-K pump: Gilbert Ling looking at live cells and remarkable tracer Na studies and cell membrane: Na is freely available for flow, which it does back and fro. What causes the Na-K difference? Its to do with electrostatics of the cell – electrical voltage of proteins in cytosol, which bind to K+ by sheer electrostatic forces, causing an EZ (Pollock’s 4th phase of water – this is a key role of intracellular water). This keeps Na+ out electrochemically. THERE IS NO MECHANICAL PUMP! If there is a pump, it will consume 3000% of ATP volume/work = impossible for there to be a Na-K pump!! A similar argument applies to cell wall receptors; these have not been identified in living cells, but used to manufacture pharmaceutical drugs!

Several scientists and medical doctors have attested to this in the last century. These include Harold Hillman, Gilbert Ling (Association-induction hypothesis), Reinhold Voll, Szent-Gyorgyi (Nobel Prize winner for Vit C), George Crile, Gerald Pollock, Tom Cowan. All have extensive research, written scientific papers and books on this and related subjects. Their work and evidence has been “hidden” and the current false concept has been promoted to suit their interests.

The overall cell structure and function is as follows:

1. Mitochondria of humans is the powerhouse of the Cell. The mitochondrial (proton pump) membrane electron liberator delivers free electrons to Adenosine triphosophate as carrier, which then donates to the bodily electron pool as free energy, and a large proportion guided by the myelin (porophyrin membrane) sheaths along the Brain (glia) and nerves (CNS+ANS).
2. The distributed electrons tag, wiggle, and oscillate bodily enzymes to drive biochemical reactions. Water molecule wrappers on protein distribute the electrons at near speed of light.
3. Bodily fuel = food stuffs (carbon bonded energy + nitrogen bonded energy-protein) + photons (sunlight) + Infrared (heat) + water (quantum sub-particles aka soft electrons).
4. Quantum particles (electrons, photons, phonons, soft electrons) are information carriers that TIME reaction rates and make life happen.
5. Water (4th phase Gel-crystal structure) maintains thermodynamic equilibrium and cells can spontaneously self-organize into structures that exhibit chemical oscillations, propagating and stationary chemical patterns. Water offsets ENTROPY (Chaos) and orders life.

By Dr. Raman GokalMBChB MD FRCP FASN

Emeritus Professor of Medicine, University of Manchester, UK and Nephrologist, (retired

Human Cell Structure: Some Myths, Some Truths. Is it a battery?  Role of water.

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Dr. Gokal studied medicine at Oxford University, under a Rhodes scholarship from Zimbabwe. He was appointed as a consultant physician in Renal Medicine at Royal Infirmary, Manchester, UK and Professor of Medicine at University of Manchester. In his professional life, he has been very active in the field of nephrology, excelling in clinical work, research and teaching and a recognised world authority in his field. He has written 3 textbooks on Dialysis, over 270 peer-reviewed articles in journals. Now in Canada, his focus has been on spirituality, complementary and alternative medicines, for health care and wellbeing, enshrined and based on ancient wisdom. Dr. Raman has been a long time supporter and user of Natural Action Products.  He uses a custom CGZ, which is the only portable water unit on the market which meets the key basic requirements Schauberger spoke about as essential to making ‘Ennobled Water’.