How the MagnaRay Came to Be

How the MagnaRay Came to Be

The Benefits of the North Pole

Our internal research showed that most of the life-promoting properties from magnets come from the north pole side. The north pole has a Yin, cooling, balancing, calming quality to it, which is in alignment with Viktor Schauberger’s description of ennobled water that emerges from a forest spring. It’s the correct magnetic energy to apply to water. The south pole has qualities that provide value in other applications such as in Magnetic Therapy. But when it comes to water, north poles more closely match the energy of the most pristine spring waters.

Developmental Obstacles

One challenge was that it was very difficult to have the water interacting with only the north pole sides of the magnets, as the magnetic field from the south pole would tend to bleed into the target zone where water would flow.
The process of overcoming this obstacle is what gave birth to the unique technology that became the MagnaRay.

Non-Standard Magnets

In our early prototyping, we realized there was no way to isolate the north pole field with standard, hockey-puck-style magnets. So, we started to explore non-standard shapes of magnets and studied their unique field patterns. Eventually, a particular asymmetrical shape of magnet emerged as the best option for a strong north pole field that had very little south pole field bleeding into the target zone through which the water would flow. This was a big breakthrough. We found that we could force a few of these asymmetrical, north-pole biased magnets against each other to have the north pole fields overlap and cancel each other out.

Magnetic Field Repulsion

Imagine in school when you were handed two magnets and you tried to push the two north pole ends together. They didn’t want to touch. And they forcibly pushed themselves away from each other. Now imagine you could try to do this same thing, but instead of two north poles, you tried it with three, four, or six north poles. They’d all be pushing against each other, and it would be impossible to hold them all together in a stable shape. The slightest movement of one magnet would have a chain reaction that caused the others to change their position. But imagine if you could engineer a way to hold six of those north poles in perfect hexagonal symmetry with stable accuracy down to the thousandths of an inch. What would that create? It would create a center target zone in between all the magnets in which there was pure north pole energy with zero south pole interference. And, what would happen is that the six north pole fields would overlap each other and create a cancellation effect with the other magnets. So the center target zone wasn’t consisting of the north pole magnetic field edges. It was consisting of the cancellation void between the north pole fields. It was pure north pole energy, yet it was none of the north pole field edges at the same time.

The MagnaRay's Unique Fields and Properties

We used a ferrocell to observe the north pole cancellation void effect produced by one of our early MagnaRay prototypes.
A ferrocell is a device that’s a transparent lens with magnetic media inside of it, with LED lights around the perimeter. It allows you to visually see magnetic fields because the particles inside of the lens react to the magnet you position near the device.

The Cancellation Void: A Zero-Point Field

Heres’ what the north pole cancellation void looked like in one of our first MagnaRay prototypes:


You can see the LED lights around the perimeter, and you can see two layers of magnetic field lines overlapping in perfect hexagonal symmetry. And in the middle, you see a circle where the LED lights don’t penetrate. That circle is the north pole cancellation void. That circle is the essence of MagnaRay Technology. We think this circle is a form of a zero-point field, which is both a vacuum of energy and a combination of energies (in this case, north pole magnetic energy).

Early Observations

To our amazement, in our experimentation, this array of six north pole facing magnets cancelling each other out always had stable benefits and never any detrimental effects.
We tried experiments like leaving one of these arrays in the refrigerator for days. We noticed food lasted longer and tasted fresher.
We did water experiments where water was left next to one of these arrays for extended periods of time. We observed a continuous increase in the water’s energy.
We tried building one of our Portable Units and integrating a MagnaRay into it, and we observed both objectively (with a UV Spectrometer) and subjectively (with seasoned structured water users trying it) that the effect of that portable device was noticeably stronger and improved.
It was very exciting for us because we had achieved our goal of integrating a magnetic treatment with our existing FlowForm Technology to create a positive effect on the water that was greater than the sum of the parts.

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