Flow by Patrick Durkin

Flow by Patrick Durkin

Patrick Durkin, one of Natural Action’s top dealers,  wrote “Flow” to help you better understand his view on the fascinating energy of water.

In this book, you will:

– Learn About Structured Water
– Explore the ABCs of Water Filtration
– Discover the Living Water Movement
– Gain Insight Into Water as Consciousness
– Get Tools to Choose the Best Water for You and Your Family

“‘Flow” by Patrick Durkin is a must-read for anyone who wants to transform their body, mind, and spirit through hydration.”
— Dr. Jay Davidson, DC, PScD, Functional Medicine Researcher and Clinician

“We know optimal hydration raises us to higher states of consciousness, to higher states of cognition. This book is a practical manual told through Durkin’s personal account of how this happens; and what happens when it happens. Magic.”
— Gina Bria, PhD, Founder of the Hydration Foundation

“‘Flow”  by Patrick Durkin will lead you to a deeper understanding of how the simplest, but very essential building block of hydration can lead to energy, clarity, and overall sense of well-being, helping you to be who you were created to be!”
— Dr. Ben Edwards, MD, Founder of Veritas Medical

As a financial advisor for eighteen years, Patrick Durkin learned that success with money doesn’t equal a satisfying life. Called to make a difference for people and the planet, he left his first career to found The Wellness Enterprise, Inc. to create a solution to the plastic water bottle problem. Researching traditional filters, Patrick learned about the chemistry of water and then the physics of water through structured water devices. He experienced how sacred geometry, vortexing, and precious gems can naturally revitalize, energize, and purify water.

Natural Action’s Team thanks Patrick for providing insights into his journey with structured water. He has been a valued dealer since the beginning of Natural Action.

Congratulations on your book Flow!   We wish you much success!


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