Effect of magnetized water

Effect of magnetized water

Magnetized water is hexagonal water obtained by passing water through specially manufactured magnet that can activate and ionize water molecules to change its structure hexagonal, like water in our body. It has been known from drinking experiences and case reports that the magnetized water is effective in several chronic diseases including diabetes, but scientific experimental results are seldom reported. Among the efficacies of magnetized water, it was reported that magnetized water increased glutamate decarboxylase activity and reduced dental plaque.

This study investigated the effects of magnetized water supplementation on blood glucose, DNA damage, antioxidant status, and lipid profiles in streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic rats.  From the results, it is suggested that the long-term intake of the magnetized water over 8 weeks may be beneficial in both prevention and treatment of complications in diabetic patients.

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