Deconstructing Conventional with Jonathan Butts

Christian Elliot Deconstructing Conventional

Christian Elliot’s podcast is Deconstructing Conventional. Christian has been called “a superior student of reality” who courageously and compassionately questions the status quo. He’s a husband, father of six, and full-time entrepreneur and health coach since 2005.

His goal is to create a level-headed space for questioning our assumptions, looking for wrong turns in our thinking, and taking on controversial topics.

This show is about three things: 1) the search for first principles, 2) humble fascination, and 3) hopeful realism.

Embark on an enlightening exploration of water’s hidden intricacies with Jonathan Butts, Natural Action Technologies CEO. We discuss the surprising ways water interacts with energy and the profound implications for our health and the environment. From the seemingly magical properties of structured water to the challenges it poses to conventional science, this episode promises to shift your understanding of the life-giving substance flowing through our taps and veins.

Water isn’t just H2O, and in our conversation, Butts takes us on an intellectual journey through his personal anecdotes and professional insights. Together, we examine the role of water in nuclear power, its potential consciousness, and its capacity to transform from a mere chemical compound into a vital player in our biological functions. As we navigate through topics such as water’s memory and intelligence, the debate over homeopathy, and the transformative power of water in healing, prepare for a paradigm shift that could redefine your daily interactions with this essential element.

Concluding our session, stories of remarkable health recoveries underscore the burgeoning recognition of “living water” as a potent healing agent. Butts shares his wisdom on the interconnectedness of water and energy, the biological marvels it performs, and its capacity to reshape our understanding of existence itself. This episode is a treasure trove of insights for anyone looking to deepen their appreciation for water’s role in our lives and the world at large. Join us for a captivating discussion that just might alter your perspective on one of Earth’s most mysterious and powerful resources.