Copy the Principles of Nature

Copy the Principles of Nature

By Jonathan Butts CEO Natural Action Technologies

Does Nature EVER move water without the use of vortexing and in straight lines?

As it turns out (pun intended), negative properties which arise in water from ‘not flowing it properly’ can be remedied in a very simple manner by copying the principles of Nature.

Sustainable practices begin with water, food, and shelter. Materials for future construction, textiles, and other essentials will be derived from Agriculture and fast growing annual or multi annual crops. The sudden demand as industry crosses over into sustainable resources will load the soil. Using water that is properly treated will help lessen the load on resources required to grow at excessive volumes, which each individual is likely to do as the prices are driven down. Therefore, the first simple step any organization can take is water remediation which supports biological growth to a greater degree. This will allow reduced input growing with less chemical and biological input and therefore ‘run off’ that is causing economical and environmental chaos world wide.

In addition, quality of crop and resources from those crops will have a greater value in food, medicine, and material. Sustainable practices have very little relationship to the meaning “organic” as it stands today. Over centralized political and business practices always result in a sacrifice of quality for quantity.

As Viktor Schauberger roughly summarized here and stated in the 1930’s; ‘the way we move water will simply destroy our entire environment through depletion of the water’s energy, which sets up a diseased condition that will grow rampant and eventually reach the populations of the globe 100 years from now or sooner’. The cause of his statement was not from build up of poisons in the water, but moreover by incorrectly moving water with centrifugal pumps in straight pipes, which makes absolutely pure water carry a toxic signature; and therefore harbors all the ingredients for carrying toxic substances in concentration, including living organisms. Some too small to even detect by normal means.

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