Bio-Dynamics of the Water Heart

Bio-Dynamics of the Water Heart

By Dr. Raman Gokal

Bio-Dynamics of the Water Heart

Earth is permeated with water! It feels the pulses of changing temperature, from natural rhythms of day/night and seasons – warming and cooling down to earth. Ground water also responds to this temperature gradient/change and changes temperature warmed from below and cooled from above. Somewhere beneath our feet is this anomaly point “which he describes as the “BOUNDRY POINT” Any water moving away from this anomaly point (say warming towards 5 Degrees or cooling towards 3 degrees will expand and move in all directions including towards the anomaly point = boundary layer is continuously ‘squeezed’. Conversely any water that is cooling towards the anomaly point contracts and becomes denser! And draws more water behind it! How neat an explanation is that!! “Everything flows, floats and moves – no equilibrium, no rest” How does this affect water movement and levitation? With the levitation effect of Earth’s movement, the water rises upwards. Now if the vegetation cover is removed, the earth is exposed to sun’s direct sunlight, sending the water table down again. It is interesting that spring water as it emerges from the ground is at 4 degrees C (I have experienced this when I collect water from Kerney spring in Northern Ontario in Canada – delicious water!). Any body of water also responds to the temperature changes of day (warming) and night (cooling)-

Water is the blood of the earth; its internal process whilst not identical TO OUR BLOOD, IS NEVERTHELESS VERY SIMILAR. It is this process that gives water its movement (and that of blood in the blood vessels!) As the flowering bud blossoms, it creates a VORTEX-LIKE crown of petals” (e.g., in the Vortex generator created by his son Walter to clear out impurities in water). Furthermore, Victor Schauberger says, “A bird does not fly – it is flown, and fish does not swim – it is swum” In the same way he asserts that in the human body, it is not the heart that pumps the blood, but the blood that pumps the heart!! So let us explore this statement backed by modern scientific thinking.
Water, Heart, and Circulation –Rudolf Steiner was the first to make this assertion.


Here are some facts about the Bio-Dynamics of the Water Heart

1. Heart is not a pump supposedly sending blood around the many miles of arteries, capillaries, and veins. Capillaries are one vessel thick transition vessels (3-4um in diameter); red blood cells RBC – doughnut shaped -are twice this size! So how do these RBC go through? The force required to ‘push’ these through would be up to a million times that generated by the left ventricle of the heart – just not possible!!

2. If one examines the relative velocities of the blood at various stages – it’s fastest in large arteries and veins (less channels) and slowest in the capillaries. Then it ‘picks up speed as it rises through the venules and large veins. It cannot be the heart – there must be ‘another pump device at the capillaries! This also begs the question ‘what is the nature of water’, which hitherto has been thought to exist in 3 states – liquid, solid and vapour. So here we come across the work of Gerald Pollock, who suggested and has done the scientific work that states that there is another phase of water – structured or 4th phase or EZ water. If one studies the work of Victor Schauberger (how water moves in a river) and that of Pollock together, it throws some startling insights into the nature of water.

3. What is structured or 4th phase or EZ water? This is an intermediary between bulk (liquid) and solid phase of ice. Anytime you have a hydrophilic surface (like gelatin) and put it in water, a zone of structured water will form (it’s like a gel)– the intra-cellular matrix is gel). This has no particle, is negatively charged – not neutral and ‘grows as more such sheets are created’ – it is honeycombed in appearance; under right conditions can be up to a million sheets! The positive charge is pushed out in the water beyond – this creates a ‘battery’ that can create a current and good for the functioning of the cell!! EZ water is also has a different pH to bulk water and denser. This is fundamental and central to biological life and Viktor Schauberger understood this.

4. So if you take a hydrophilic surface and roll it into a tube, you get a hydrophilic tube! This is what happens when bulk water meets a hydrophilic surface. Then, within this tube something astounding happens!! The bulk water will begin to flow without a pump from one end of tube to another. This flow is indefinite. Gerald Pollock did experiments on chick embryos and observed this flow in arteries and veins even when the heart was made to stop beating!! So, this is a perpetual motion machine!!

5. Viktor Schauberger approached this differently and his observations that shed light on the flow of blood in the body. For a stream or river to be healthy a) the water in stream/river must be in vortex or spiral pattern and b) the temperature of water especially at night has to be very close to or at 4degree C – the temperature at which the water is most likely to remain in a 4th phase or structured. He confirmed this by observing the habitats of a trout in a spring! When forests are cut down, the forces of Levity are lost, and the trout struggles to survive. A force of levity allows for effortless flow of water and is dependent on temperature and flow dynamics. This state is the natural state of structured water and is the basis for the flow of blood in our circulation (e.g., how sap flows up 300+ feet redwood tree! – answer – the trees xylem channels are highly hydrophilic tubes – structured water at the lining and bulk water in centre carrying the nutrients).

6. Translating these observations to the human blood circulation, let’s look at the capillaries, where the blood has ’stopped’, gases and nutrients exchanged and waste products picked up, the blood needs to flow upwards! Collecting into larger and larger vessels (up to the vena caves that empty into the heart – interesting the flow velocity in these vessels is the same as that in the aorta from the heart!!). How does this happen? By hydrophilic surfaces (endothelial cells of the blood vessels creating the EZ water and propels the bulk blood forward until it becomes a torrent of flow!

7. Earlier in this article I said “this battery needs charging (as one charges one’s cell phone/computer etc.). This is fundamental and central to biological life and Viktor Schauberger understood this. So how does the ‘battery’ get recharged? An important way is to drink structured water! However, our supplies of drinking water are mostly bottled, recycled chemically ‘dead’ water. Something else must be recharging the cells, otherwise they cannot maintain the 60-100mV negative charge necessary for health cancer cells have a negative charge of 10mV). The major source is sunlight and infra-red (IFR) radiation within it (that is why IFR saunas with their metabolic heat, are so healthy and invigorating). The body also ‘inherently produces its own IFR (but this is tied into proper healthy food intake, hydration, breathing, meditation etc. and this moves us into the realm of spirituality – all ancient traditions follow these principles and Victor Schauberger knew of this as he was a man of Nature and nature is all about life –anagram of Nature = A Tuner – it tunes us to the rhythms and pulse of life that we need to follow to maintain health and a healthy cell). Another important source of this charge is grounding/earthing (rich in negatively charged ions). Food substances are also an important source. Gerald Pollock names a few – turmeric, Tulsi (Holy Basil), ghee, propolis.

8. This brings us back to the heart. If it is not a pump, then what does it do? Tom Cowan calls it the “Geometry of the Heart”. The form of the heart is an important place to start. It is not shaped like the Valentine’s Day heart! Ancient traditions and the Greeks believed that the shape and makeup of the heart are key (the five Platonic solids – tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedrons are the basis of all-natural phenomenon, including the human form and Heart). One shape that turns up again and again is the spiral/vortex. There are many ‘golden’ spirals in Nature – a spiral whose growth factor is the ‘golden ratio’ of 1.618 =phi. It shows up in the DNA of our cells. Tom Cowan relates to the work of Frank Chester (depicted below). Steiner had described the heart as a seven-sided form and placed in a box –i.e., the tightest cube it could fit into. Chester created this image and then replicated this into a wire model and spun it – it created a vortex (as seen in the diagram below). What is more, the apex of the heart has only one layer of muscle as opposed 7 in other parts – why this thin muscle for an area that is supposed to generate such a force to cause pumping of the blood throughout the body – does not make sense!! When asked about the function of the heart and putting all these observations together, Steiner said that the ’heart was similar to a hydraulic ram’. When the pressure and volume build up in the incoming side of the gate, a vacuum or negative pressure is created and at a certain pressure gradient the gate will open; the fluid can be propelled further uphill. This is exactly what happens in the human heart with its 4 chambers and 4 valves. The basis is that the laminar flow in the vessels changes to a vortex. This phenomenon occurs as the blood moves through the 4 chambers, horizontally through the high resistance lung and capillaries and back to the left atrium and then the left ventricle forming a huge vortex.

IN CONCLUSION: This brings us back to Viktor Schauberger, a roundabout journey and a truly fascinating one.

To sum it all up: Humanity has become proficient in utilizing the power of explosion to move our vehicles, light our houses, and run our modern world. In our quest to expand our knowledge of mastering this form of explosive energy, we have overlooked the potential for another viable energy form, implosion., Viktor Schauberger, noticed this oversight and initiated work to discover the promise that implosion power could hold for our civilization. (e.g., when a cold front of weather meets currents of hot air, they spiral in, to form a hurricane or tornado). All things move between their extremes of opposites or di-polarity, towards the polarity of greater perfection or destruction. His greatest gift to mankind was “comprehend and copy nature”, the method by which he gained his inspiration. His deep understanding of water earned him the nickname “Water Wizard.” According to Schauberger, the answer to the much-needed technological advancements can be found somewhere in the balance between hot and cold, in the spiral, the vortex, and the vacuum and this applies equally to the human body, heart and circulation. So, his dictum ‘Nature worked by rising cold and falling heat’ has resonance in so much of our life functions and can be a prelude to getting back to Nature and the True Reality of who we are – part of the Whole/ Source/Consciousness – A TRUE SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.

Hope you enjoyed reading Bio-Dynamics of the Water Heart by Dr Raman Gokal

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Bio-Dynamics of the Water Heart