Angels and Demons. Stepping Over Our Own Noses: The far-sighted birth of Torsion Physics –  

Angels and Demons.
Stepping Over Our Own Noses: The far-sighted birth of Torsion Physics –

Subtle Energy Series Blog 2

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. Of all things, I liked books best. The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena; it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” NT

Let’s play some music

At some point, things become too complicated. Other times we tend to oversimplify. I’ve always turned to music to find my line. It ain’t straight. The repeating 12 note sequence and pattern of music is a simple enough foundation to maintain discipline, but within that range one can play whatever they want infinitely. Jimi Hendrix couldn’t play the exact same thing twice if he tried. Creative energies made sure of it. And in the simplest logic, what defines music, and a harmony, is three parts. And really three – to make logic. Rhythm and Melody. Over silence.

‘When I play from my mind, I get into trouble. When I wait and listen to my heart, then I’m fine’. – Stevie Ray Vaughn

This sets up a pattern of overlap. Similar to the Fibonacci Sequence. That’s the linear version. It iterates in order. 1,1,2,3,5,8,13, etc.  Then there is what is referred to as the Phoenix sequence. It iterates in non-linear fashion. Any two random numbers salute PHI always within 9 steps. Usually sooner. However, the point is made that PHI is never truly reached. This is a logical perspective. The fact is, PHI is reached within tolerance at a relatively shorter set of steps, within tolerance of harmony, often within five. The Mayans used a base nine system as opposed to a base 10. I wonder why. But you need both to simplify. Twelve being the point of the base. Speaking of nine, the polar pairs that make up the ‘definitions of rhythm and harmony’ in music theory are summation factors of nine. This is true in application. 5/4,6/3,7/2. Three pairs. Sum nine. Hopefully you can see what I am braiding here, and the principles of overlap. I think you’ll see where 1 and 9 fit as the same. One hidden in all things until defined. Nine, the mystery of all things, undefinable. Some indigenous teachings call it the Waken. It takes three points to define 1. Sounds complicated, but its not. The alphabet is more complicated, and everyone learned that by 4 or 5 years old on the average. Of course that average is getting worse. We can see that.

I used to turn my TV on in seconds and get immediately to what I was looking for. Now I have to wait minutes to many minutes for my smart TV. More often than not, I turn it back off before the smart TV figures out what the hell it is doing. Sometimes I think it takes so long because AI is trying to ‘Minority Report’ me. It’s a good thing. I never really liked the damn thing once I learned the notes of a story. But I’m no minority. I like harmony. Harmony accelerates me and my joy of life. However, if I’m in a race car or commuter car and I don’t have brakes, I’m usually up shit creek. If I don’t have an accelerator, well …. that’s boring. Gotta’ breathe. I can accelerate the brakes on and off as well as the gas. That pretty much sums up minus the road chosen. There’s always a choice. The main vibrational orchestra must understand this, or it is all for not. There’s no music without that.

I used to have to learn secret back roads to get places more enjoyably. Now google maps plugs the backroads up. So much for country living. Gotta go off road now.

The automobile is no more fuel efficient or time saving on the average then when it was invented. This is a sign of black magic. One of many. Damn demons. The human chassis is in danger of the same. Sing them Angels.

With a now complicated world of vibrational healing I hope to achieve 2 primary things here.

  1. Give some insight to those developers who are at the same time overcomplicating things and over simplifying things
  2. Bring practical means for users to discern what is genuine and what is probably mediocre at best in the marketplace of vibratory devices
  • One frequency is akin to a vibrator, say to shake things up that otherwise won’t move. Sometimes, this is good enough to make an improvement. No music here, but our being of water can factually help. I know this. Monotone (blah)
  • Six billion frequencies or say much more than seven at a time makes a cacophony. (There’s a reason why guitars are six strings and can produce rhythm and melody). Its noisy and confusing otherwise. Sometimes you get lucky. Who can count to 6 billion? Or better yet, who would?

There’s percussion, horns, and strings. And a conductor. In the water of the heavens of idea, and the water of manifest on Earth, lies the whole thing. You really don’t need to read much more if you are into simple. It’s the trilogy and holy grail. For the rest. Pull your belts tight and grip the wheel.

‘Scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane’ – Tesla

Regardless of what it seems, there’s an ‘it’ that ensures harmony. You cannot define an ‘it’ unless you are focused on it and can share it. A note, an octave. All the same. The music inside the water above and below, and in between pre- se. I already feel like I’m going incircles. Gotta’ get down to get to the point. Stop. Silence. Wait.

‘The cool thing about music, is you don’t need to be an expert or even play it to understand it. However, there is a deeper understanding if you do.’ JB

The Key of Harmony

There’s a sweet third that comes out of it that defines harmony. A chord. It has an ascending or descending mode. Major or minor. We may call it the accelerator or the brakes of a vehicle. There’s stepping on it and releasing it, for both. Four poles to make logic. 3 Poles to create. Major or minor. Breathing in or breathing out.

So how do we explain the infinite complexity of rhythm and melody from harmony? It’s amazing there is infinite music created from just 12 notes. Yes, harmony is the point of foundation for all things in the Grand Orchestra. Principles are points that spread across many or almost all things. Creativity ensures its never all things – that anything is possible.


In all the interviews ever recorded with Bill Gates, have you ever seen him truly happy, laughing, or having fun? Some people are destined to be the brakes and others the accelerator. We should all strive to be both. Vibrational healing or fortifying has to do with the chassis if properly understand. That chassis is water. That’s where it starts. Ask why there is no DNA in the first 9 weeks of your physical start.

There’s a lot of both in this writing. There’s point blank simple and bluntly complex matters being covered here. Since I know very few people will read this, I am trying to appeal to the di-poles or extremes of who will. I want it to hold benefit now and ten years from now, where the di-poles are more united.

So I step on the gas during the solar eclipse today. I didn’t mean to, but sometimes that’s how it goes when you play from the heart. It’s a natural alchemy. I couldn’t get the groove last night. I got some grip this morning. Timing. Important. Gratitude.


The matrix ain’t so bad. Life’s a learner of self. Teach a man to fish.

There are ‘key codes’ within these very writings for developers and simple anecdotes for those just looking to enjoy life more, which is ‘health’. We will all be recycled into some other form. Some of us are hung up in the past, others in fear of the future for what they might become. In this life and many others. You’ve got to find your own fate in relationship with the Universe.

Eyes on the Apex and hands on the wheel.

Here’s some keycodes. Let’s be practical for a moment. For the purposes 1 and 2 above.

In all of the music ever created, more the 90% of the time the rhythm will be comprised primarily of a 1,4,5 relationship. (Barring percussion heterodyning, which is a whole more advanced topic) This is a relative geometry. ‘One’ being whatever you decide. 4/5 sum 9 make relativity. Now you understand more than Einstein about how the universe works. He should have played music more often. ‘to think insanely deep and remain clear’ comes to mind.


Let’s go with the blues. Big on rhythm and melody at same time with six strings. Nice work. No orchestra needed. Pentatonic scale. Five notes. Minor scale over major rhythm. Blue and Red. Brakes and accelerator. Player and guitar become the heart and story in one. Love it.

So we simplify from ‘twelve’ in any place and time we desire. Harmony is the resonance – not any single frequency. That’s like logic. Logic is the foundation and alone will not drive the system. It’s the chassis, not the motor or the brakes. The chassis is the octave. Some octaves might work better than others, but none of them will work without actual harmony. The actual harmony is 1,3,5 / sum 9. This might give some insight to how the Mayans were more accurate with unified physics than our best today.

Chassis, accelerator, brakes. You. – Breathe in, breath out.   1,2,3 / sum 6

Air, Water, Earth make the fire. The desire. Without it not a single bumping particle could exist lol.

The order has importance. Pretty simple. Over and over 1,2,3 in simple ways. Think of numbers as their geometric shapes – polygons at three of course, the minimum required for harmony. Nonagons are weird. The holy trilogy. The holy grail. 1,2,3 / 3,6,9 / 4,8,12. Du dada dah. It has nothing to do with the ‘Cult of Bumping Particles’. Love me some Ken Wheeler. He laughs genuinely while ripping on institutional physics for aimlessly wandering into a heat death, where everything becomes lifeless and cold. The same thing that inspired Kozyrev. Wheeler’s trine and chord of harmony is dispelling magnetism, which is the opposite of what people think. Damn demons. He’s a bit of a demon himself – but has the foundation of an Angel.

Holy Shit JB get to the point. What does this have to do with the Great Astro Physicist Nikolai Kozyrev? That’s simple.

The Big Bang or ‘outbreath only’ theory of the Universe had Nik Kozyrev depressed. He just couldn’t get with the idea of sitting in his race chassis with his foot on the brakes. As a matter of fact, he was turning hot laps watching binary stars doing the same. Seeing their colors change. Seeing them unfold key codes to the simple truths of the Universe. Seeing them breathe ‘in and out, but primarily in’ – to form white light on a black canvas foundation to form a beautiful solar system like the one we live in now. Learning his chops from the 1,4,5 rhythm and 1,3,5 harmony. Mark my words, humans will argue about the implosion of the universe next. Republican / Democrat, how do I benefit the most in decay? Black Magic.

Damn demons. They push the program of death only. Either direction. Especially to kids. Ever remember being dead?

But out comes a Reichenbach, Reich, Kozyrev (what a name Cozy Rev, its quite cozy in a race car and the revs put a smile on your face – brakes are more practical) Schauberger, Tesla, Russell, Keely, and many butts to the story. Seven of them, A,B,C,D,E,F,G. Sharp or flat, it’s a relative 12. On the 9/10 with the 1,4,5 and 1,3,5. Rock on. Schauberger brought tone into the equation and was completely rejected. This oughta’ tell us something. How many users and developers of vibrational healing do you think can articulately describe ‘tone’? I’ve spoken with one scientist/engineer and met one musician/scientist, whom I consider to be the most intelligent man I’ve ever spoken with deeply, while remaining clear. Schauberger and Tesla. And the bridges that got us there. There will be more.

Watcha gonna play, watcha gonna paint? 90 healthy/10 fun makes a healthy PHI on the 1,3,5/1,4,5. Don’t be afraid to wobble or you won’t be able to bump with others. This ain’t no crash up derby. Time flies when you’re having fun.

The real reason I chose Cozy-Rev was he was the first to point out spin as a universal Aetheric principle form, tying to subtle energies. Nature knows no straight lines. Nature knows know illusion.

There are three types of spin in one motion. This was Schauberger’s big simple. 1,2,3. I feel most connected going around in circles in a cozy place searching for my inner star. It’s so obvious it was named Torsion Physics. I remember my Dad handing me a unified article of something back when publications had intelligent simple articles. I smiled big on the torsion physics before I even read it. They go hand in hand by the way. Intelligence is simple. We need simple. Gratitude, appreciation. A tribute to Kozyrev.


Cozy-Rev was the best segway from colors describing the Aether and its medium (Reichenbach), to ‘over doing’ a good thing (driving into the turn to hard, Reich) to – Gee! linearity is not manifest, to Schauberger, who is my Part IIII to make logic and the whole point. I chose to make logic (4) out of these 4 guys. It takes a bit of creativity to make some logic (5) manifest. It was probably a whoa-man who drove them to do it (6). Yeah, they are measurably more advanced in a simple way. Damn Angels. Makes sense though.

Out of all the individuals who played the simple life force song, Schauberger was the most miserable. Maybe Rife was there too, but he didn’t talk about subtle energy or life force. He drained his soul in the bottle. I probably would have too. He focused on explaining the re-birth from the underworld and drew the damn demons. Schauberger had his soul drained coming to the U.S in hopes to share the ‘secrets’ of the universe we already all know but were deprogrammed from. Away from his family. Away from his mountain springs. Where sitting alone by the mountain stream’s whispers infused him with all the Vigor and Desire. Damn demons. So the simple segway is a Kozy place to rest in rectifying Schauberger’s spiritual misery. I was damn near drug into the abyss numerous times by her too. Or maybe I was anyways. Just a skip in the recording. So in part IIII I aim to connect to the simple spirit to rectify a miserable soul. The pinnacle and Water Wizard. Damn Angels. Jam on.

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