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The World of Structured Water


A new trend is forming regarding consumption of water. A recent article published by the New York Times covered the new trend of people seeking untreated water. The title was “A Rush to Get Off the Water Grid.” Billed as “raw water” – unfiltered,...

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Should Water Be Free

Is the battle over water becoming the next oil? These facts show the seeds of a dangerous new paradigm. Empower yourself by exploring more sustainable solutions. Natural Action Technologies, the manufacturer of Structured Water Units is...

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How to tap into the magic and mystery of water

Is the original water from the beginning of time, still here on earth? In the Lakota way of prayer "Mni Wiconi" means "Water is Life". Water is alive, has consciousness, and listens to us. Water travels over time and space. It is the same water that has been here for...

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